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  • Go Passwordless!

    Implementing the right MFA solution will provide additional security to your business / organisation while actually improving your security as well.

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  • PASS – Mandatory 25 NSW Government report

    PASS – Mandatory 25 NSW Government report. Mandatory 25 NSW Government requirements: Personally as an Australian by choice so proud to find out that the government of Australia is creating material like the “‘Mandatory 25’ Requirements for Cyber Security”, proving that Australia is taking cyber security seriously across government at all levels. I have attached…

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  • CS Energy Breach

    CS Energy in Queensland, Australia recently made the headlines when a breach was detected and thwarted before any harm was done to their customers. I want to congratulate the response from CS Energy’s cyber security team, they clearly detected and responded to a potentially catastrophic situation in a controlled and timely manner, great work!  This…

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  • 55% of kiwi businesses fall “victim”

    I still hate statistics especially when those stats point to something that is so blatantly “not true”! 55% of kiwi businesses fell “victim” to a ransomware attack?  How about a more accurate statistic (sorry), 100% of Kiwi businesses received a ransomware loaded email…. even one ransomware loaded email per day! both are pointless and yet…

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  • Statistics, Lies and Automobiles

    I have a new goal for 2022 and beyond, no more stats! I promise to stop using statistics, statistics are the cyber security industries fear mongering tactic, you must do something about x because 78% of your industry peers are worried about the risk of x; this is most often not relevant, disingenuous and “over…

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  • It all adds up!

    I had no idea at all! over 100 notifiable and probable “State Based” significant hacks to October 2021 – either against government orgs or with a value of more than $1 million.  Four of those were against Australian government orgs and one against a New Zealand Government org.  One of our business partner orgs who…

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  • Board level: concepts and explanations

    Have you ever “lost” you audience when presenting a solution to your board of directors? no matter how hard you try to explain why your company needs this cyber security widget or process, they do not understand “your” urgency nor accept what you are explaining? Try this at home when you are passionate about a…

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  • Zero Trust vendor architecture: Ethical, or not ethical?

    A vulnerability is disclosed in Palo Alto VPN hardware/software, the company who discovered this: Randori may not have disclosed this to the vendor in a timely fashion. The premise that is suggested for this, is that as Randori are a Red Teaming company they used this Vulnerability to infiltrate their clients who used Palo Alto…

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  • The problem is NOT Cyber security!

    The “Compliance with the NSW Cyber Security Policy” special report released on the 28th October 2021 should be a serious concern to every NSW resident who has their Personally Identifiable Information being “securely” held by a government agency.  Vic, NSW, QLD, SA, NT and TAS could very likely be transposed with NSW and these findings…

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  • Sinclair Broadcasting Breach

    Story: Another ‘murican Fortune 500 company breached and affected by a Ransomware attack. With Broadcasters, retailers (online and store), NBN service providers, BNPL, Transport, Tourism (lol), some utilities etc etc….. there is an immediate cost to your business profits from an outage, customers are not patient and will go elsewhere immediately and buy their product…

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