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Michael Brooke presents the ASD essential 8 on Safari

Michael Brooke presents the ASD essential 8 on Safari; recently I had the opportunity to work with TechforGood, an organisation making a difference with Social organisations across Australia.

I have two passions other than fishing and family (so four passions in total), these are:

  1. Cyber security, the field of cyber security is an industry where I can do and be many things, this for me means doing the best by my client every time – which works with number 2.
  2. Just Good Enough Security (or JGES for short), unfortunately because I spend much of my time working in the cyber security industry, my creativity is not at the same level as a marketers (hence the lack of a catchy title). So for me, just good enough security means being secure through constant iteration and development but avoiding large outlays to provide this.

Please let me know what you think, this presentation is the first of many that I will be doing for the Social organisation sector to enable them to enhance and uplift their cyber security maturity.

As always please reach out to me here if I can assist in any way.

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