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Category: Phishing

  • phonespy: Mobile app targeting South Korean citizens

    Worrying trend in that criminals are using mobile apps to steal data from our devices. PhoneSpy only affects Android and is not an Android Playstore app, rather it is side loaded via web traffic redirection or social engineering. PhoneSpy is able to access personal images, videos, phone logs, stored data, as well as taking photos…

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  • shutting down a phishing site

    Phishing is one of if not the highest success rate cyber security attacks that we are likely to suffer. According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Centre (IC3), phishing accounted for 30,48% of all received complaints in 2020, making it the area with the highest victim count. Being that most of my readers have an…

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  • 91% of Cyber Attacks are Email initiated!

    91% of Cyber Attacks start with email according to Microsoft, yet email is the least exciting area for us to focus our Cyber security efforts in. Quote from The Register (ignore the sarcasm): “That being the case, why is Microsoft bothering to sound the alarm? Well, 91 per cent of all cyberattacks originate with email, according to…

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  • Pfizer up and win $90

    $90 (at least) for completing a Pfizer survey…. amazing but how did they know I have just had my first Pfizer jab? It surely is not a coincidence, or is it? This is a classic Phishing attempt, using the knowledge that scammers have about us socially, in this case the biggest broadest brushiest brush that…

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