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Follina 0 day – Office lets the bad guy waltz right in, WRTF!

Follina 0 day – Microsoft Office Macro protection eaten for breakfast!, those of you who know me, know that I embrace Microsoft Defender as a security tool that is top notch, not just my view but the view of the analysts that report on cyber security as well, here for example with the Mitre Evaluations for 2022 where Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P2 shows its ‘chops’ and performs like the participants on “Dancing with the Stars”, not the ones who get booted early on, of course!

Follina 0 day - Office lets the bad guy waltz right in, WRTF!

Easy Fail – Australian critical infrastructure

The Easy Fail in critical infrastructure should have all of us worried right now, whether it is the water being turned off, the traffic lighting systems that we all rely on to get around the cities we live in or much worse, the Electricity that we used to power our homes and provide us warmth and comfort (who am I kidding here, internet access and powered on devices are the only thing I care about) – there is a huge problem waiting around the corner for all of us.

rwe, power plant, clouds-2421946.jpg


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