Easy Fail – Australian critical infrastructure

The Easy Fail in critical infrastructure should have all of us worried right now, whether it is the water being turned off, the traffic lighting systems that we all rely on to get around the cities we live in or much worse, the Electricity that we used to power our homes and provide us warmth and comfort (who am I kidding here, internet access and powered on devices are the only thing I care about) – there is a huge problem waiting around the corner for all of us.

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SIEM – Security Information & event management

SIEM – Security Information & event Management platforms are mature cyber security solutions, often having come from a legacy of application log gathering with the data being used for availability and performance as well as access management, it has been a simple and logical transition into security log gathering and analysis of that data for Indicators of Compromise (IoC) and other suspicious actions that might relate to an attack in progress

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Privilege access Management

Privileged Access Management, cyber attacks often still operate primarily on the premise that a logged in user has privileged access to their workstation or Laptop, this aspect has never changed despite platform providers ‘improving’ their security models over time. 

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