With the uptake of Cyber Security solutions by clients globally it was only a matter of time for EDR tools to be mainstream for customers as it is today in 2022. NDR is also starting to make progress towards mainstream adoption in 2021 as detailed in the below image.

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Client Access Security Broker (casb)

CSF framework: 1. Identify; 2. Protect; 3. Detect; 4. Respond. Cyber Maturity Level:⭐️⭐️⭐️

A Client Access Security Broker is a an important component in an enterprise organisation. A Client Access Security Broker or CASB for short provides: 1. Identify; 2. Protection; 3. Detection capabilities for the organisation on the NIST CSF framework model. How it does this is by inspecting traffic that is being sent to and from the Internet, either just the source and destination or through deeper inspection of the contents of the data being transmitted between source and target.