Follina 0 day – Office lets the bad guy waltz right in, WRTF!

Follina 0 day – Microsoft Office Macro protection eaten for breakfast!, those of you who know me, know that I embrace Microsoft Defender as a security tool that is top notch, not just my view but the view of the analysts that report on cyber security as well, here for example with the Mitre Evaluations for 2022 where Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P2 shows its ‘chops’ and performs like the participants on “Dancing with the Stars”, not the ones who get booted early on, of course!

Follina 0 day - Office lets the bad guy waltz right in, WRTF!

You will be Attacked! What do you do?

Cyber Security is a necessary part of your operation, no Cyber Security plan places your business at risk of being ruined, unlike traditional theft where a criminal needs to breach your physical office location. A Cyber Security attack from criminals is targeted across as many businesses as they can reach, searching for an easy victim, just like a predator will take the slowest and the weakest victim in a herd, because its easy!

Insecure – MicroSoft Autodiscover

Microsoft Exchange servers autodiscover function, configured by the wrong hands, is not secure! A systems administrator who incorrectly sets up their on-premise Autodiscover record could be assisting miscreants to slurp up credentials from an organisations users trying to connect to their corporate email account.