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  • MS 900 – Microsoft 365 Fundamentals

    Starting with a new company called rhipe has required me to go and certify in the various Microsoft security solutions portfolio. Rather than provide a lot of detail on how to pass the exam I wanted to collect together the information that I used so that you can find the details yourself and use these…

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  • “Statisticising”​ cyber security

    Last night I went fishing in our new boat and we caught 2 Dusky Flatheads, ugly but a great eating fish, sorry I digress but it seemed important at the time, here they are – we had no time to name them:  Sorry I got distracted – a challenge with the modern day, living in…

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  • Zero trust Network Architecture, layers!

    medieval parlance. Unfortunately without adaquate planning and architecture just like castles, ZTNA “Stacks” fall over and sink into the ground.

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  • Supply Chain Attacks

    Supply chain attacks can be a very serious issue, instead of one hacker to one client, the issue becomes one hacker to many hundreds of client businesses being affected. Many/most staff use the same password for work related services (Kronos) as they do for their corporate work accounts. Therefore each Kronos customer must be forcing…

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  • The best hackers are Russian!

    This story is in no way disrespectful to Russians, it is a tribute to one of the Russians I have had the pleasure of working with in my past. Several years ago in prior to my career change into vendor land, I used to be a team leader for a Server team in a large…

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  • CS Energy Breach

    CS Energy in Queensland, Australia recently made the headlines when a breach was detected and thwarted before any harm was done to their customers. I want to congratulate the response from CS Energy’s cyber security team, they clearly detected and responded to a potentially catastrophic situation in a controlled and timely manner, great work!  This…

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  • 55% of kiwi businesses fall “victim”

    I still hate statistics especially when those stats point to something that is so blatantly “not true”! 55% of kiwi businesses fell “victim” to a ransomware attack?  How about a more accurate statistic (sorry), 100% of Kiwi businesses received a ransomware loaded email…. even one ransomware loaded email per day! both are pointless and yet…

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  • Statistics, Lies and Automobiles

    I have a new goal for 2022 and beyond, no more stats! I promise to stop using statistics, statistics are the cyber security industries fear mongering tactic, you must do something about x because 78% of your industry peers are worried about the risk of x; this is most often not relevant, disingenuous and “over…

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  • Worst Case, it is not!

    example on Sunday there is a 50% chance of rain as forecast today. So I have to plan for the possibility that it is going to rain as 50% likely or unlikely (depending on my feelings of positivity for the day). 

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  • Zero trust buzzword bingo

    Describing a host of solutions and practises that are already in-place for experienced security teams and being considered by the many not so experienced security teams looking for guidance, ZTNA is not a one size fits all and the marketing around ZTNA does make this any clearer for business.

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