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The fallout, Indonesian Ransomware incident 2024

The fallout, Indonesian Ransomware incident 2024, depending on how you look at this it is a bit of a disaster, because rather than simply resolve the problem – it is very likely that the Indonesian Government will want to decentralise their data to avoid any ransomware incident in the future affecting such a large swath of government.

The quote of the year…

“Once it was centralized, it turned out that once it was hacked, everyone was affected. I didn’t think hacking was so devastating in the past,” said the vice president of Indonesia.

It is not his job to worry about backups, he has a country to run.

Therefore following statement is extremely apt, I thought it was only ostriches that put their heads in sand…..

Link to the full article here

Because, he should have been aware of just how devastating cyber attacks are, because they are happening everywhere including a major Indonesian bank last year who’s cyber attack meant a week of customers not being able to access their money. If you have not read about a cyber incident then I assume you are not reading the news, unlikely for a government official in my opinion.

If you outsource your backups, then make sure you know whether they are usable, because I am aware of a recent incident with Australia’s largest Telco where they seemingly can not restore data for some customers.

If you do your own backups then make sure you have a plan and that you test recoveries regularly, including full system restores.

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