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Lapsus$ breach

Lapsus$: Microsoft and Okta “breaches”

Lapsus$: Microsoft and Okta “breaches”:

When our children start being involved in masterminding cyber “breaches”, the methods change……….

Microsoft and Okta were attacked in the same way as my 9 year old daughter uses when she wants more Roblox time……. 30-40 messages in short succession until I relent (or I put imessage into silent mode), imagine 🥹🥹🥹 30 times one after the other flooding your text message inbox ….. An MFA attack with a difference, nothing smart just annoying.

Social engineering now takes a new form, the annoyance factor to compel someone into accepting a request.

A really horrible thought that the small “groups” of children/teens who cause problems in cities around the world now extends to the bedroom and keyboard warriors and the cyber space, but it is a logical one – there is much more money to be made in cyber crime than antagonising and fighting adults on the street.

Is the next hiring trend in cyber security, our children/teens because they are the next generation of cyber criminals and have new ways of causing chaos that we just can not comprehend yet?

There is much more detail coming to light about this breach and it is great information on incident response, great job to OKTA on that part of this situation. I hope the PR side gets up to speed rapidly as well.

Terminate the EDR agent and you are in

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  1. kicksec.IO Avatar

    And the final analysis is in… cheap tricks and social engineering win over Microsoft, Okta et al:

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