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Author: Michael Brooke

  • Client Access Security Broker (casb)

    A Client Access Security Broker is a an important component in an enterprise organisation. A Client Access Security Broker or CASB for short provides: 1. Identify; 2. Protection; 3. Detection capabilities for the organisation on the NIST CSF framework model. How it does this is by inspecting traffic that is being sent to and from the Internet, either just the source and destination or through deeper inspection of the contents of the data being transmitted between source and target.

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  • EndPoint Detection and response (edr)

    Endpoint detection and response solutions are now a mainstream Cyber Security solution for organisations with a moderate level of Cyber Security maturity. An EndPoint Detection and Response (EDR) platform helps an organisation with: 2. Protect; 3. Detect; and 4. Respond on the NIST CSF Framework

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  • Identity and Access Management (iam)

    Of the many technologies available to organisations today, Identity Access Management or IAM is arguably one of the most mature of all. Legacy companies such as IBM, CA, Oracle, Microsoft and newer innovators such as SailPoint have been providing Identity and Access Management solutions for several years and this market is mature and the problem…

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  • Does size matter – mdr vendors

    When selecting a vendor for your Managed Detection and Response (MDR) requirements, what are the most critical considerations? Personally I had always considered that the size of the organisation providing my MDR needs was a strong point in favour of vendors like CrowdStrike, SentinelOne, Rapid7, FireEye etc etc…… Once upon a time there was also…

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  • Privileged Access Management (PAM)

    This is what PAM solves; the admin account problem – as all account passwords need to be managed how do you do this, the administrative accounts issue is where PAM is your answer.

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  • Entry level hiring?

    Cyber security has a big problem at the moment in relation to hiring good staff for the roles that are available. Often times we also hear that many candidates are being overlooked and can not find roles in this field. Recently I came across this post on Reddit from a manager who is/was hiring for…

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  • era is over – inventor of the ZX spectrum gone

    Sir Clive Sinclair has died on the 16/09/2021, Sir Clive created many innovative products over his lifetime including Calculators, Electric Vehicles, Micro TV’s etc and while I only used his computers briefly, it very sad to see him gone, another pioneer has moved on from this world. As I grew up in the 1970s and…

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  • Anonymous?

    Anonymising data is not anonymous data, nowadays many data providers are claiming that our data will be used anonymously by removing uniquely identifiable markers from the details they collect from us. Unfortunately to de-anonymise data all that is needed is pointers that make you unique, take for example your GPS data which shows you travel…

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  • How to: Thwarting ransomware according to Cert NZ

    Ransomware at its most basic prevents a user or an organisation from accessing their data.

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