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Advanced Managed Detect Response (AMDR)

CSF framework: 2. Protect; 3. Detect; 4. Respond. Cyber Maturity Level:⭐️⭐️⭐️

AMDR is not (Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Range), AMDR is a new form of Breach detection and response termed: Advanced Managed Detection and Response.

AMDR stands for is the next generation of cyber security Detect and Response solutions in the market to target breaches and other malicious activity, eXtended Detection and Response XDR stood for an extended range of detection capability (Network and other devices/ sources of data) and AMDR will take over where XDR lets go.

What AMDR does over and above traditional EDR and XDR solutions is to utilise a collaboration between Artificial Intelligence, human Expert analysts, Virtual forensics and multiple proprietary sources of threat intel.

Being that AMDR is emerging, the AI used is brand new technology, not a legacy EDR service with an element of AI on top and being that AI can learn across many more actionable Telemetry points much faster than humans can without making mistakes ensures that once the “potential breach” flags are given to human expertise there are far fewer “False Positives”.

“False Positives” lead to Security team fatigue are are a serious problem with traditional solutions, just like the Fairy tale “The little buy who cried wolf” (linked below for those who have not read the tale)

Just in case you have never read “The boy who cried Wolf” – the less violent version!

The above video is just a little bit of fun, but it has a very important point and that is that:

“Alerts that are not real alerts cause people to become desensitised to the event when there really is a problem”

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