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Protecting assets is the reason for Cyber Security

Cyber security or cyber resilience

Identity – core to everything. proving identity prior to accessing any other resources is critical.

Endpoint – The most common method to access resources within (and outside) the business.

Network – The ‘plumbing’ to connect all other aspects of any business and any connection outside the business

Application – The access to all information happens via applications, whether Web app, or full fat app.

Data – A businesses life ‘juice’, what makes the business operate and capable of providing services.

There are multiple frameworks that incorporate the above elements, additions may be included or removed. Fundamentally though the above elements must be protected.

Business operates to make money, provide services or both. Cyber security operates solely to protect the assets that make business and organisations successful. knows that cyber attacks are uncommon, the most likely failure is human error causing a data breach or business outage, but cyber attacks do happen when your people make mistakes very often. Therefore protection of your assets must incorporate the most likely scenarios to your business. – protect versus the most likely occurrences first

Outage due to disaster – Fire, Flood, Electricity, connectivity

Phishing – Employee clicking on an email

Accidental Data Breach – sending confidential data to the wrong place

Malicious insider – allowing access to an outsider – Pay for Play, deletion of data

Company leaver – taking assets, customer lists, Intellectual property

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You are always a target for those who are looking for an easy meal, being at the back of the herd is a sure fire way to be taken down first. “Never do nothing”, build cyber resilience through regular improvement done incrementally.