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Splunk, assassinated by Cisco – RIP

Cisco to acquire Splunk? good news? not if you are a Splunk customer, not if you are a Cisco customer either…..

Splunk was one of those brands that I could not get my head around, a name that seemingly means nothing to Americans but to others on the global stage, almost dirty but not quite. Never the less Splunk has been around for a very long time and has built a great global brand name and has many Marque clients utilising its technology.

I have had personal experiences of multiple companies purchasing “technologies” to boost their “capabilities” in my work career and I have never seen a Mature company acquisition like Splunk actually be beneficial for customers of the products. 

The number one reason that mature companies buy mature companies is to boost their bottom line revenues – increasing financials because debt doesn’t seem to count as a problem in todays age, Mature acquiring companies integrate a new technology by cutting back on operations and development and increasing prices to customers of the newly acquired tech, thus making them look more profitable. 

Occasionally there may be R&D spent on building integrations into the existing stack but with mature tech this is very likely to be extremely minimal and amount to little more than painting over Wallpaper in a house.

Cisco, please prove me wrong and linkedIn colleagues I would love to have your feedback on this or whether I am wrong? maybe I am old and cynical…. 

Otherwise RIP Splunk, Too young to die, too old to really have lived your best years….

Previously I wrote about other Acquisitions like Datto which you can read here and the experience I read on the Socials is overwhelmingly bad! And I wrote about another acquisition almost closing at the end of September 2023 of Vmware by Broadcom, which you can read here and here – spoiler alert, the story is not looking good for the people of Vmware.

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