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Microsoft Autopatch – Patch Tuesday is gone for good!

Microsoft Autopatch – Patch Tuesday is gone for good!

As an ex-systems administrator my life back in the good ol’ days was busy.

  1. Waiting for the next patches
  2. Testing the new patches
  3. Deploying the new patches
  4. …….. rolling back the new patches where it causes a legacy printer or other device to no longer function!

All jest aside, patching was a very involved process and could require considerable time to manage, luckily Microsoft have announced an end to this problem with Microsoft Autopatch.

Microsoft Autopatch is to be released in July 2022 and will be included with Windows 10/11 Enterprise E3 at no additional cost.

Further information

Microsoft Autopatch video:

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In summary

The patching of Operating systems is critical to ensuring that your devices are not vulnerable to cyber attacks, by announcing Microsoft Autopatch, Microsoft have made the task of managing your patching processes more simplified than before. The Australian Signals Directorate Essential 8 from the ACSC has Patching Operating systems as a top 8 control meaning that it is critical for an organisation.

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