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Sinclair Broadcasting Breach

Story: Another ‘murican Fortune 500 company breached and affected by a Ransomware attack.

With Broadcasters, retailers (online and store), NBN service providers, BNPL, Transport, Tourism (lol), some utilities etc etc….. there is an immediate cost to your business profits from an outage, customers are not patient and will go elsewhere immediately and buy their product – we are the Tik Tok generation now! Living life 60 seconds at a time.

Coles Supermarkets had a several hour “IT” (MINOR) outage in October 2020, every one of the affected customers went to Woolworths or Aldi and brought their produce!

Immediate loss to the business – I do not suggest this was Cyber related, it was probably a simple mis-configuration – oops I unplugged a server …. but it materially affected Coles profits (5pm on Friday!).

Protecting your business from Cyber Breach is not difficult, do not be at the back of the “Herd” though, Criminals want easy and many organisations at the moment are “easy prey”.

Plan and build out your Cyber Security framework and protect the assets that are critical to your continued way of doing business with your customers, whether you are a Tier1, Tier2 or Tier3 organisation you can always do better and avoid being the next most vulnerable.

Make sure that you have a process in place to detect and respond to a Cyber Breach quickly, before data is encrypted or Exfiltrated and you have to make a Mandatory Breach Notification.

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