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Safeworlds TV, Responses to blog comments

As an update I felt there was enough commenting on one of my SafeWorlds TV blog posts to warrant a brand new update.

In order:

“I think you are naive to think that Alan has invented this system all by himself without a team of talented people behind him – maybe you should ask him about this.”

  • I have asked Alan about this and there has never been an answer except that hundreds of people contributed. No names and no details, not even details about the size of the development team? As smart people and investors you are all aware that software does not write itself. This question itself would quickly give an indication of the development effort so far. 

Metcalfe is the only one who understands how the human mind works so he says. Not much use having that knowledge when he doesn’t know how the real world works. He has published some e – books so i guess he is an author. I swam in an olympic size pool once does that make me an olympic swimmer. Long term sufferer, sorry i mean investor of safeworlds tv. Thankyou for the questions you have posed to him. Maybe he can tell you the exact date he will list this company”

  • Alan has several times covered the date of IPO, they include at least 2008 (the GFC stopped this one), 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and finally next year (2015). In a round-about way Alan is saying its coming.

If Metcalfe was able to figure out AI and the singularity, it wouldn’t have stayed so quite for this long. Someone would have leaked it. Ray Kurzweil would have at least heard about it and spoke about it, as well as many others, rather then some guy that bases his findings off of the bible.”

  • Not commercializing a technology that will revolutionalise the world as we know it? SafeWorlds TV is a single solution, the revenue possible by licensing what Alan has discovered would earn all of the shareholders many times what will be earnt when IPO occurs and shareholders can deinvest. The A.I behind Safeworlds TV could be licensed today and Shareholders will start making money TODAY.

I have seen no evidence to suggest that what he says is not true. He and his team have developed and delivered Safe Worlds TV to the point that it does work and is improving its performance on a continual basis. It is more than talk, he has delivered a working product. Our own experience is that Alan cares about and protects the interest of his shareholders. We are kept well-informed and up to date and involved with what is happening. Finally I find it difficult to take seriously, those who blog on such a serious issue as this, anoymously.”

  • I do not think that there is no product, there is, its just not what it seems. Until proven otherwise and the only way Alan has thought to challenge my thoughts is through character assassination and that sort of response is often done when one does not have facts to back their claims. 
  • I am not anonymous, you have my full name and you can email me. Please let me know if you can’t find how to look at my profile or email? Blogger is a pretty straight forward website to use.
  • DON’T be fooled, the URL Http:// is written in Microsoft SilverLight and would not require more than 3-4 weeks of Development effort. There is no advanced logic behind it. If you don’t believe my claims start using the site and tell me how it goes for you? Remember (many of you seem to forget) that YOU are the customer of the product as well not just the shares? how many of you would use the site? honestly?

If you can convince Mike about this, maybe i would even donate some more money. Why can’t any of you just explain it to a guy like Mike and he be able to understand it He seems to have a open mind. He has asked questions and Metcalfe chooses to only give replies wich have nothing to do with the questions. Perhaps i will just wait for the next excuse and the next special offer.
If the “True Believers” are so behind this then have they cashed in everything they own to get this over the line? I think not. Maybe they should get Fair Dinkum instead of just rattling the tin.. Keep The Faith”  

  • The fact of the matter is I want to understand how this SafeWorlds IPTV platform can be what Alan Metcalfe claims, I do not believe the platform is anything more than a poorly written Informercial Website that doesn’t work on Mobile devices like iPads and Android tablets, which make up a significant portion of connected devices across the global market today, something over 30% of connected devices. 
  • And correct Alan Metcalfe has not answered many questions directly and no questions related to what SafeWorlds TV actually does. Worse still the latest videos here: are scare mongering video clips that again have no relationship to the product. In addition I hope the Alan Metcalte obtained any copyrights required to play clips from the movie ‘The Terminator’ to describe what SafeWorlds IPTV is going to prevent. 

 “Why dont Lindsay and the believers buy all the shares of us now non believers
Me mates and me are willing to give them a dicounted rate of $4.80 a share, that is a 0.20 discount to current price
There is no other way to get out so how about they work out a way to buy us all out
Might even give him say 10 percent discount if he gets the other believerd to buy some of us”

  • There must be an opportunity for an investor to come in and buy shares from disgruntled Shareholders at $4 and make a killing. It is also interesting that in the latest share offering $1 million needs to be raised to keep the company afloat. Alan Metcalfe has the Intellectual Property behind ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Universal Logic’, these are two ultimately licensable technologies that will make Investors much more money than they could dream of. Alan must license these technologies to the market to maintain shareholder value and confidence.
  • AND, this will not be the final money asked for, there is at least another round for the IPO.

liked the fact that you were willing to give SWTV some exposure but really, must you be so negative.

If you were posting personal emails, and very negative comments about my company, i would more than stop replying to your emails.

Now thats said, stop getting on to every media forum and bagging out this company. negative comments with little informed infomation is very damaging to us all as investors.

example – Ausie stock forum -MichaelBNZ – looks like you just keep on cut and pasting the same uninformed info???? “

  • Yes that was me, but, I was not the first to say anything about SafeWorlds on Aussie Stock Forum, I simply added to it. Negative comments have come about because Alan MetCalfe has not answered questions that are related to the platform. This whole issue is very easily solved, prove to me that there is something behind the website and I will be the most positive promoter you have ever seen. I guarantee it, I will purchase a stake in the technology if the platform is proven to me beyond reasonable doubt, I’m not an idiot I would buy into any technology that makes sense and will earn me a good return.
  • Finally, until the platform is proven I am NOT harming you as ShareHolders. I am preventing additional investors from making a truly disastrous mistake. After all what incentive do you have to be circumspect about where you are now? you want your money back so Alan asking for more to prevent the doors being ‘shut’ is in your interests more than being rational and stepping back from a very risky situation, not early Google risky but a whole extra level akin to ‘Nigerian Scam emails’.

Didn’t even need to answer this one (the commenter does a great job) …..

“These virtual objects are easy to secure because they are all structured the same way, according to the same standard. Security applied this way is also very strong, because, even though a hacker may somehow penetrate one bubble, this does not mean that he will be able to penetrate other secure bubbles within the system.”

We provide uniform compartments which are somehow not all subject to the same vulnerabilities! 

“Safe Worlds already has semantic search. It will take a couple of years however before sufficient data is available in semantic form, for Safe Worlds semantic search to be competitive with Web-based search engines like Google and Yahoo.”

It’ll be amazing! And we have a totally legitimate reason not to have anything set up that can demonstrate it!

This is pure snake oil, and it deserves a better fisking than I have time for right now.

 “I really do believe in it but do we have a board of directors or is it just one guy at the top who controls it all. 
If we go down the wrong road who pulls us up and points us in the right direction?
I have looked at the other forum that the above poster mentioned and from what i see all the other stocks have good and bad posts by people who hold the shares.
No doubt negative press is not good but freedom of speach is how we keep people and company’s honest.
This is a major point of safeworlds and why i invested.
I wish Alan all the best and the team and hope sooner rather than later we can get our money back.
We all need to be accountable”

  • This is all I’m asking is for accountability, if there is a product then Alan can show it and why is it that ‘only’ Alan can show it? Who else is behind the company? Who is on the board and what are their qualifications? look at any non IPO company and the list of directors will be impressive…… Who is on the Board other than Alan Metcalfe?

“The longer it goes on the more chance there is of something happening to Mr Metcalfe. Heaven forbid that is the case but he is not getting any younger.I do applaude Mike for raising questions to Alan- it seems that Mike only has his friends interests at heart.He seems reasonable in his questions and would also like to see some more direct answers to them.Yes i do hold shares in this and would love to see them listed.There are so many questions i have and surely some definate dates for listing should now be able to be given.Sometimes in sport a coach may not have the right players.Sometimes the team is right but not the coach.Sometimes throwing money at things fixs them.Sometimes throwing endless money at something will not fix the problem.”

  • Exactly my view, I have many family members who have brought into this and I do not see how they can ever get their money back out. What I don’t want to have happen is more people put money into a platform that can never be successful!. As in my above response, Alan Metcalfe is the only name related to SafeWorlds TV, he may not be the right person to drive this alone, often experts are required and Alan for all his expertise IS NOT an expert in everything. 

I think you will have some fun with the latest up date from the captain. More bullshit comparing safeworlds with alibaba, google blah blah blah…..I cant believe anyone still believes this guy………Sounded good til the story got changed 20 times and the dates of ipo get pushed back year after year……and the excuses….YAWN

I am happy to be proven wrong but me thinks not…….smells like a fraud, quacks like a fraud, feels like a fraud…..well then most likely it is a fraud.”

  • Feel free to send me the latest emails and I will comment, I agree you are mostly right. Alan compares what other activity is occurring on the WWW and refers to famous people in his qualification of SafeWorlds, I believe this is all Alan has to placate people. I can’t comment on whether I believe its a fraud or not, what I have seen though is the people who did invest tend to not be those people that understand technology and Alan has fed information that is scaremongering and just plain incorrect, just like his continued use of  ‘universal logic’ as a phrase commonly used in I.T. – this is plain wrong and completely untrue:

The Solution

You as Shareholders can get your money out and make more than you have ever considered possible, if Alan Metcalfe licenses the Technologies he has developed. This is FACT you WILL make many times the initial $5 per share investment.

As Share Holders you can ask for the board of directors names and details, this will go a long way to easing your worries as you will understand the capabilities to deliver of the leaders. These will be people with current e-commerce, IPTV and developing businesses to IPO stage (I believe this is why Alan lists these as his expertise on his profile, which for an e-commerce entrepreneur hasn’t been updated in over 11 years ), but this task of taking a startup to IPO status is not going to happen with a single person.   

Finally think about what you as a user would expect from a secure online shopping experience and start feeding that back to Alan, I wouldn’t use the Web site (without any judgement, I have tried to work it out and its messy, ugly and does not follow web design best practise), would you use it?? 

86 responses

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Yeah man not a true believer any place to be seen or heard of, this is just a big turd

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Hilarious bit of reading on here.
    What happened to all the true believer's that backed Metcalfe are they still believer's or what?
    Believe they got screwed over that's about all you could believe

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    So sad to hear and thankyou Michael for helping expose what seem undeniable facts
    Such a pig headed bloke who doubted everyone else yet thought he was above everyone else
    At least you may of saved some people from buying more shares through the posts you put up and exposed Alan's lack of business sense
    His wife has no sense either it would seem as she acted no differently to Alan it was just more crap all over again
    Somehow they need to be held accountable for what they did
    I will talk with a few people and see who is interested in your suggestion and make contact when I have some input from them
    Thankyou for your help after all the shit they slung at you on here you were proven to be 100 percent correct

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Let me know if you would like to set up a Teams meeting and you can ask me questions as an IT Tech industry professional and get some closure.

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    Michael here, I wrote these posts years ago because my parents and many of their friends had “invested” in this vision. I was certain at that time as you can read that Allan was always a scam or seriously lacking in the skills department to manage/own a software project.
    I believe he probably started out with an honest vision to start a platform but his speed of development was far too slow to be able to compete with startups.

    From the time I was involved, 2013 onwards there was no product anymore, development had stopped in 2008 – this is a life time in software dev terms.

    Allan and family were very aware that by now their only hope was to sell to another company, but to sell a software product you have to have a user base, they did not have anywhere near the number of daily users they needed for anyone to be interested in the platform.

    Any money invested is gone, any money invested in cheaper shares etc after the development stopped was used for Allan and family to have a travelling lifestyle, there were no other expenses except maintaining his jet setting to travel to countries to “try to sell” the company to a new buyer, most of this is false. I have over 20 years experience in software, IT and cyber security. I know how products grow and die.

    I am sorry for all of you and would happily run a session so everyone could discuss whatever they need to, there is no money left here. Every single cent has been used to maintain a lifestyle.

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    Farrrk never heard that but who cares really. So who gets all the money that was invested now. Seems funny how it all just disappeared . Very convenient that no one seems to be doing anything. F u k ing Scam

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    Nah man heard she died so what happens now?

  8. Anonymous Avatar

    stumbled across this and the other blog and good to see something that resembles a new comment. must mean there are still some of the unfortunates left alive. nobody I know has any idea what is happening.that would be because you could gareentee this is nothing happening. is the old girl even alive

  9. Anonymous Avatar

    Absolute complete mismanagement from a team of idiots who have no idea of anything.
    And to top it off they don't have the decency to keep us informed

  10. Anonymous Avatar

    Silence is deafening isn't it. Not a true believer in sight.

  11. Anonymous Avatar

    Looks like all those true believers have vanished back down their holes from where they came. They now are silent and saying I can't believe what happened. Writing was always on the wall. So many rubbished anyone who dared to knock it

  12. Anonymous Avatar

    Amazing don't even own that anymore.
    Could afford to make a movie of his funeral but

  13. Anonymous Avatar

    Chris do you think this is still not dead?
    There is no pulse,no heartbeat and it stinks.
    It's DEAD

  14. Anonymous Avatar

    Thought he was God himself

  15. mlbrooke Avatar

    And Mary is not going to be doing anything to continue the product… By the way the domain is no longer owned by the Metcalfes so that should be cause for concern if they are asking for money anymore…… so anyone can go and buy the domain if they like…

  16. mlbrooke Avatar

    There is nothing left in the bank, I will guarantee that, there is not product either so I hope that no one here has put a cent more into I am sorry people lost their money but he was being very misleading from the start. My belief is that he used investors money to fund a lifestyle, I have worked with company founders before and since I wrote about Alan and his operations were about spending money not building a strong business.

  17. Anonymous Avatar

    Nah just means they are doing nothing

  18. Anonymous Avatar

    Bet the author of this crap is silent now. Mike was right fancy that

  19. Anonymous Avatar

    You can have mine for 80 cents

  20. Anonymous Avatar

    good to see this is activ again on here which is more than you can say for Safe tv
    I will sell my shares to you for a dollar if you want them still no brainer ya definitely have no brains

  21. Anonymous Avatar

    Still keen on buying some shares u flog

  22. Anonymous Avatar

    Some egg on faces now.
    Well done Mike you called it right all those years ago where are the apologies for you

  23. Anonymous Avatar

    Food chain u must be joking
    the gods aren't crazy now
    How did china work out

  24. Anonymous Avatar

    Want some more shares ya knob

  25. Anonymous Avatar

    Like the cash flow positive part it flowed really well but nobody knows where it all went.
    Company won't tell anyone where it went

  26. Anonymous Avatar

    How dumb do these comments look now

  27. Anonymous Avatar

    How true was that hey the big fella did peg out and look at the mess well done what a prediction

  28. Anonymous Avatar

    Scotty how does this company look now mate

  29. Anonymous Avatar

    What deal?
    She wouldn't know a deal if it bit her on the arse.
    I've seen sloths with more energy than her.
    Nothing achieved and money disappeared very mysterious

  30. Anonymous Avatar

    Where did all the true believers go to?
    Same place all the money went

  31. mlbrooke Avatar

    I would hope that no one is left believing in Safeworlds TV….. anyone who would buy into it now needs to go and talk to an impartial advisor and let that advisor tell them that there is nothing left.
    It is easy to get sucked into something that you see your friends recommending, after all we trust our friends and they trusted their friends. Someone knew though that this was not real, below Alan, someone or some people knew that there was no product to sell and they kept the story going because there was money(commissions) to be earnt.

  32. Anonymous Avatar

    Where are the true believers now? What a circus

  33. Anonymous Avatar

    Ok where is the i will buy all your shares at $1 person now?
    Just around the corner, floodgates to open, what a crock of shit.
    True believers all dissappeared from the cracks they slithered out of
    The old farmer fella has a lot to answer for.
    Seems he may not be as honest as you think.
    Still nothing happening and Mike B has be proven to be right.
    Where is all the smart arses now?
    Anyone want to debate me grow some balls and have a go.
    Worst investment ever

  34. Anonymous Avatar

    Hey guys,

    Some further insights into this whole thing. Alan passing was a sad thing from a human factor but taking that out this was never a viable investment nor was it a good bet. SWTV promised a platform, promised IPO etc etc and not sure why many were lead based on his "honesty". If this is you honestly be careful, get a financial planner or similar as you really need it. Unless you are willing to examine the data yourself get someone who does this and it would have been clear this was an extremely risky venture – plenty of companies trading at less than this with more potential upside and real information available.

    I know a little about the company in that Alan ran the place with his family and a number of shell companies, they seemed to believe in what they were doing and may have once held some eight in the 80's if it got picked up but launching a global platform based on beliefs was always strange at best. the guys coded in mainstream code an was nothing ground breaking and to be honest there was no sniff of AI even in its current form to be found. the platform was/is limited to technology from the 80's/90's and has not moved or embraced modern tech.

    Check out what IS available, photos of some guys who have been there 10 or so years and then contractors who find it hard to get a job elsewhere or in-between. Seriously – if you cannot complete what is a fairly minor project within that time and launch or get it to market – either GO or fold and change shows a lack of willingness to show your real cards – forever promising a "major breakthrough" and for it to be swallowed is amazing.

    At some points they had up to 10 plus staff earning anywhere from 5-6k per month up to 10k plus per month, add some overheads and and travel etc it cost them a lot for not a lot of return and really all that needs to be made back – where were the investor packs you see from any normal company with the figures?

    I think any talk of a takeover would be rubbish as any company would not buy that much debt or value the company the way they do – would they buy the IP etc – this magical code?

    There is the obvious news they got slapped by regulators but they obviously did not dig too deep hence why my thoughts are maybe they are trying to cash in and get out.

    Its amazing how they did this for so long without little result and maybe felt like they did need to return something. Business is business – should be for them, for investors etc

    If you have invested would either walk away or encourage a regulator to take a long hard look (but in which country – hint hint) so for me it would be option 1. Keep it as a lesson and get some advice and guidance with future investments.

    This is a drama and needs to be ignored so it goes away – yes it had benefited some and hurt others but this is true of many things.

    Best of luck in whatever is next.

  35. Chris Avatar

    Hey Mike, your lack of reply & silence on my last question is as deafening as the atypical lack of updates from SW. Are we or are we not in the "ever dragging on" process of a sale of SW and a return to investors. You seem reticent to reply after fundamentally stating you were "sad" for all our losses. Cheers Chris

  36. Chris Avatar

    So your happy to state categorically that SW is dead in the water and we will not get any further correspondence about this acquisition apparently taking place with "a very favourable outcome for shareholders" ??. This was the last email from Mary Metcalf in Nov/Dec 2017

  37. mlbrooke Avatar

    Chris, I agree with you. I believe that the farmer you mentioned did not know that this was a bad investment decision. Its very normal for us all to want to have great returns from our money. That can sometimes make us not look further into the facts and we can lose a lot by doing this. Bitcoin is a great example, a 'bubble' except that with Bitcoin there was worldwide interest that bumped up the 'value' and some people made a lot of money from it, providing they pulled their cash out at the right time. For many though they will have lost money and the difference is that Bitcoin allowed investors to buy and sell giving them control.

    Safeworlds did not allow trading of your 'shares' so you the investor had nothing of any value until Alan decided to sell the company, you were all 100% betrothed to his whim, Alan couldn't allow trading of shares in 'Safeworlds' because he would not have been able to continue to get new 'investment' capital if there was a free market competing with his search for new capital.

    No one knows whether a great new idea will be successful or not, its always speculation, always…. people will tell you that 'This is a sure thing'…. it can never be.

    Good ideas can go badly and bad ideas can go well only 1 out of 100 new ideas will be successful. Never be swayed by 1 persons enthusiasm, nor 2 people, do your own research and think seriously about how likely something is to prosper and then only invest money that you can afford to throw away, because you are throwing it away with a tiny chance that someone will return it in any new investment in the next 'big thing'!

    I am sorry for everyones loss, its never a nice thing to lose money.

  38. Chris Avatar

    OK I've read the bloggs & I'm not at all surprised that the main view is we've been ripped off by a man on an evangelistic extreme right wing crusade and we're not getting our money back…fine. We'll have to accept our losses.My only objection is the redirection of our anger to the "old farmer".I worked on a minesite with him and bought our shares based on my direct observations of him as a man of integrity .If we are victims then he is even more so both financially & personally.I know he viewed AM as a friend.We need to cut him some slack.In the interim, until I get a final word that SW has disappeared into the ether, I'll hold a little optimism.

  39. mlbrooke Avatar

    Firstly I was very saddened to hear of Alan's passing, that is something that can't be understated. Investing money before he passed away was folly in my opinion which I based on the information that I knew and had uncovered as well as looking at what is being created with much less budget than Safeworlds has collected from people.

    I heard from a friend that the 'secrets' to Safeworlds are held in a Safe in the USA, I am surprised that Alan decided to keep the secret in a Safe, doesn't make sense when he had already built the platform, the secrets would already have been incorporated into the design, the AI etc for the platform to be operational.

    Therefore several people would have knowledge of this including the writer of the AI software being used for Safeworlds, Alan didn't write it so his secrets aren't hidden away to be accessed by the few, its already known …….. this isn't the eleven secret herbs and spices in KFC we are talking about here (which is also known!).

    It is my opinion that there never was a platform because investors would have flocked to buy into a system that would transform the global economy, no question about that yet Alan was unable to gain a single large investor in all his world travels.

    With Alan gone there is zero chance your existing money or any new money you put into his platform will ever see the light of day, there is no platform that is going to transform the world being built by Alans team. With Alan gone there is not even the philosophy behind his platform (as I believe he thought he had something amazing), is Mary or their son going to be able to continue to build this, there hasn't been development on Safeworlds for years.

    Continued investment or hoping your existing investment will be returned is completely impossible at this stage, its been spent and not on assets that might give you the investors a chance at cents in the dollar, its been spent on world travel for Alan, Mary and son and financial rewards for the men corralling people that don't understand technology into giving him money with no hope of return.
    I feel very sorry for the 600 plus people in Geraldton who probably couldn't afford to lose their investments and I hope the guys who convinced the 600 investors to spend their money also feel that they are partly responsible for this loss.

  40. Anonymous Avatar

    Don't feel to bad for Scott, he did his research and was happy to put more in at a dollar after he had paid 5 bucks for some. He also pointed out that the update from Alan telling him the truth of where they were at is why he was buying more .Might be wishing he had listened now. And you are right another year passes with no advancement.TPO

  41. Anonymous Avatar

    Well things are very quite since the CEO passed away.
    Plenty of rumours abound and no one seems to know what is happening.
    I feel sorry for the guy Scott who chose to believe what he told.
    I did try and warn him but my knowledge only comes from bitter experience.
    Sometimes you have to learn the hard way.
    So many times there were special offers etc and it was about to happen etc etc etc'.
    Now it seem o be deafening silence from the company.
    All care and no responsibility.
    Ignoring holders is wearing thin and soon the day of reckoning will come.
    As RB said above this could continue until he is no longer able to work, gets sick or worse.
    Well worse has happened and where are we now?
    Don't seem to hear from the true believers anymore, guessing they now have something else to believe in.
    I was hoping that the forced change at the top level may of changed things for the better but alas it seems not.

  42. mlbrooke Avatar

    Hello, just wanted to let you know that Alan is selling $0.10 shares to select people. Please read my recent post. I have seen that from 2 separate sources, one of those contacts asked Alan directly about the offer.

  43. Anonymous Avatar

    Looking back at all these posts and thinking I sincerely hope Scott did not by any shares in @safeworldtv.
    Yes Scott the shares are back to one dollar and now you even get bonus shares in some other scheme.
    So that 5 grand you wanted to put in is even better value now the shares have gone from $5 to $1 and you get some bonus shares.
    You will even get some more extra shares if you get your mates in.
    A few years later you may not have any mates but you may have some worthless shares.
    Was going to be listed when?

    Mike did Metcalfe ever meet with you are did he just brush you off like most people who ask him questions?
    He said he offered for you to go and see him at his office.
    I would think that he should be the one to visit you as he can afford to travel all over the world in search of deals which he seems to never be able to secure.
    As a investor I would be okay with him flying to see you for 3 days and paying for 3 days accommodation.
    Hell we have payed for many other trips without any deals to show for it.
    Where to next for this company is the question.
    Theoretically this could continue this way until he is no longer able to work or gets sick or worse.
    You would have to think he is still getting some money in from somewhere but this would surely be continually eaten up in paying himself and staff and also whatever running costs the company has.
    What does everyone else think.


  44. Anonymous Avatar

    Oh yes that might be a game changer.

  45. Anonymous Avatar

    you are hardcore bro luv your optimism

    talk is cheap actions speak louder than words

    hope you are on the the good side of the floodgates if it opens

    if the big fella pegs out we will all be under water

  46. Anonymous Avatar

    Hi all,

    Well lots of good information starting to arise now!
    Thanks Alan for the email update and truthful insight at where the company is at.

    Also i will purchase more shares at a $1, even though i just bought $5K worth not long ago at $5.

    Mike i cant wait to hear how and watch your interview with Alan. It looks like money is the only thing holding the flood gates back now.

    If your convinced then your company sounds like it will be the one to do this.


  47. Anonymous Avatar

    tik tok tik tok

    were did the real believers go
    looks like they all deserted
    tik tok tik tok
    more time passes still no answers
    whoops another year gone
    oh well
    tik tok

  48. Anonymous Avatar

    Hey MR Thats a Fact.26/09/14

    Can you tell me why Mike B should go to see Metcalfe?
    I am a share holder and i think Metcalfe should get of his arse and go see Mike.
    Not sure if you can read but have a look at all the posts Mike has written, i think he is more than approachable to be convinced.
    Why should Metcalfe visit him you may ask/
    Well why would Mike waste his time going to see a guy that won't give answers to simple questions.
    My mates and i hope Mike keeps doing what he is doing and raising issues because that is the only way we will get answers.
    You are right it is going around and around in circles why because there are no answers.
    You think Mike should be more positive well guess what if it stops a few of his friends being caught up in this i would say that is POSITIVE.

  49. Anonymous Avatar

    Well seeing the that all is quiet we are hoping Alan and his board have been in indepth meetings with you Mike B and you are just blown away with what you have seen and heard. Guessing this is not the case but one must Keep The Faith so i have been told.

  50. Anonymous Avatar

    Scott just had a read of your post and thought i may point out a couple of things for you

    You are right 5 to 100 dollars in a year is a great return

    If you read most of the posts you will see that plenty if investors have been told the same thing, only months away or within a year

    This has gone on for a long long time, year after year after year

    Please do not invest on the promise of a year and you will have a 100 dollars in your hand

    Many have kept on tipping money in because it must be closer than ever only to find out still another year away

    Ask for it in writing that it will be listed in 12 months unless you get that tell them to piss off

    Nothing to say it will ever list

  51. Anonymous Avatar

    LOL this is a crack up

    I have really wet pockets to now i no where the moisture came from

    Pathetic really looks look the rats have gone to ground

    No comments from any one to answer any of the questions raised

    Scotty very hard to find out what you want to no not even management can tell you

    Management it seems is just 1 guy best i can make out

    No wonder he does not anwer questions too busy spending the $

    Mike B has been asking questions and all of the other posters and you can see what we got Sweet F All

    Time for a Vodka or 7

  52. Anonymous Avatar

    Hey have a better investment for you mate
    Building an airport on the moon.
    Shares are half a dollar and hope to list them for $2000.
    Now that is a return.
    Not sure when they will list might be some delays like year after year. Have been working on this projet for 50 years.
    Have a board that is 2nd to none even my dog has a role on the board.

    Sorry mate just a joke. Hope it works out for you

  53. Anonymous Avatar

    Well i guess this forum has gone cold? no news? I needed to know a bit more about this gig?
    Me mate told me to buy $5K worth of these shares.
    Ive read through this sight and can't see why the risks out ways the benefits.
    Not many sure bets where $5K will make me $100K with in a year?
    Are they back to $1 ??? let me know and ill wait till they are at 1 buck again?



  54. Anonymous Avatar

    Really love ya question mate however i think we all know the answer.No news USUALLY MEANS another SPECIAL OFFER is not far away.Due to negative blogs by share holders we are unable to raise the funds needed so we will drop the price back to $1.Just what me and a few mates think.

    We had a talk over a meal the other day and we are thinking of starting a new group called The We Don't Believe Ya's.
    Do not seem to hear much from the True Believers or our Big Man at the moment.

    Boys reckon we should get the Retired Farmer to fly over the Melbourne to talk to Mike B.
    He seems to get around a fair bit,even been to USA for meetings so why can't he go talk to Mike B.
    They reckon he is not on a good wicket so it should not cost share holders to much, flight to Melbourne return and a night at Crown.
    He is our Shareholder Representative so how about some representation.
    Feels more like the Pupetteer and the Puppet when Alan and him are together.

    Word of warning Mike B if he does come put on ya Water Proof Pants and tape up ya pockets.
    He has been urinating in our pockets every year if you get my drift.

  55. Anonymous Avatar

    Is no news good news

  56. Anonymous Avatar

    Telstra idea does show a great many differences that is an interesting comparison.

    Listed and tradable v Unlisted and Un

    Cashflow positive v No cashflow

    Dividend v No dividend

    Working system v No working system( at this stage)

    Proven Management v Non proven Management (at this stage)

    Open and Accountable v ………..

    Blue chip v Speculative

    That was an informative post and it does have my husband and myself thinking.


  57. Anonymous Avatar

    Mike B thanks for your help.
    You can see why us Share holders are frustrated.
    I have spoken to many of my friends who share the same concerns.
    If things are handled better they might see a increase of attendees at the meetings instead of what one poster said around 25 people.
    Something is missing when you have a story this big and that is all you get at a meeting.

    I like many have a fair idea where some of the problems are but who listens.
    Some friends have raised concerns from time to time at meetings only to not get reasonable answers.
    This explains why people are not flocking to meetings in my mind.

    The is no doubt a huge thing to try and pull off and while i think many of us think it can be done it does seem to be lacking of organization.
    I know we are not privvy to everything that may be happening at times but from the outside some strategies employed are very hard to understand.

    A major concern would have to be who is going to see this over the line if Alan is out of action for any reason.
    It does seem to start and stop with him.
    If Alan could tell me that i would appreciate it very much as no doubt would so many others.

    My holding is not big by any means quite small actually but it still does mean a bit to me.
    Several times i have come close to adding to it but doubts creep in.

    I could go on with the reasons but i think most have been covered by others.

    If Alan could see his way clear to provide some feedback i am sure it would do more good than harm for the company and the mindset of the share owners.

    Thanks for your time.

  58. Anonymous Avatar

    Wow what a site.
    Glad i came across this forum.
    There is a lot of sense being spoken on here from the disgruntled share holders.
    Count me in i agree with everything being said from the people asking all the questions.

    Yes i am not sure either how who justify 5 bucks for something that is not listed.
    Plenty of small stocks that are being traded for under 10 cents with proven management and assets.

    Do not mistake what i am saying as i do have some of these shares and i would rather see them at 5 bucks than 10 cents but how do you explain it.

    Alan does seem to be the everything man which really does not seem a healthy sort of idea.

    Well was just surfing the net between half time and the footy is now back on so i shall bid you goodbye and Go The Mighty Hawks

  59. Anonymous Avatar

    Great reply Mike. Shows heart, and gratitude!

    Certainly have everyones views coming across strongly.
    To people replying on the forum as above and above that.
    There is no Alan on the responses.
    We are all share holder explaining what we know at the present time.

    Once again until words are spoken to Alan directly, we are all going around in circles and speculating what we want or would like to happen.

    Good luck Mike.

    No one know very little about this project so you will need to go direct to the man him self for any answers.

  60. Anonymous Avatar

    Hi great questions about the ASX.
    Im only answering to the best of my knowledge..

    Firstly the Company needs investors for cash flow – this covers every day expenses.

    Until SWTV starts to become a usable platform which works properly then each month the running costs will eat away at investors money in the bank.
    Hence need lots of small investments along the way.

    Proof of concept has been established. But still no banking merchant or big private investors or companies will touch SWTV. To high risk for them.

    Next SWTV needs to become cash flow positive. It needs people, small and larger businesses, even wholesalers upload products into the Global Market Place (GMP) for sale.
    But its a double blade sword. You then need people , customers using SWTV, they have to be able to find it easier than the online web experience. Otherwise nothing will sell, equalling no cash flow.
    Mike mentioned would you use it. No not at this stage, its hard to navigate and slow with lots of errors popping up.

    If by chance SWTV becomes cash flow is positive by mid next year. Meaning more cash coming in than going out to cover all expenses.
    IPO will happen, for a successful floating of the company , underwriters, Insurance companies will need be show it is a viable company.
    They will cover the agreed value of shares for opening. Say $80 each. So once trading starts they will agree to purchase all share sold at that price so they do not drop below.
    This maybe for 2 days or 2 weeks. Helps stabilise and stop any crash of the share price.

    IPO can come sooner if a large investor buys in to SWTV. But that will not happen. They want to dollars coming in above 10-20% returns.

    No one really knows what the share price should be. $1 – $5 is about right for at present to make them an affordable risk to buy.
    If its set to high to quick you will not get your small investor coming onboard.


    You can only compare to the resent companies that have IPO from the internet side of business.
    Linked in, whats App, face book, alibaba, twitter, ebay on so on. A fare price maybe $50 – $80???

    Hey its going to be a dead end street on this forum.

    Unless Mike starts becoming positive and meets with Alan him self. Asks the big questions in face. Looks at the books and business plans, valuation reports etc.
    He is waisting everyones time if he dosnt be cause we can just keeping going around and around and around and to and fro and for and against.
    No one knows the facts on this forum. So you will never get a true answer.

    Just look at Mike last two recent replies. He is too busy beating his chest about $$$ and no really works for the company its just an studio production. 14 year out side of the industry blah blah.

    Not helping the cause Mike.
    Do something about it or drop the forum mate.

  61. Anonymous Avatar

    Mike i was typing the above post and i see you have already made one.
    Makes sense to me how could you be any fairer.

    I would be more than happy if Alan met you and all your discussions were private just the two of you.
    If he then managed to show and convince you i like many others would be more than happy.

    You could either then come back and say on a post yes i have been convinced or no i have not.

    Everything discussed would be private between you both.

    How simple would that be for everyone?

    People forget we want it over the line as well.We invested because we believed but now we just have more questions than answers.

    It is not fair for other investors to try and shout us down because we want some answers.

    Well i know many of my mates praise you for what you have done.

    May we all get out of this with some good money in our pockets.

  62. Anonymous Avatar

    Hello i notice you also post anonyous as well.

    Do have a better arguement as to why other people should not be anonymous but you also choose to.

    I guess that will be another question your team will not answer.

    I do not care who the Farmer is you can name him if you wish that is up to you.

    Pehaps you should guess again when it comes to conflict of interest.

    A little call to ASIC will clear that up for you, i could make the call for you if you like.

    Now wanted a quick buck you say, no i personally invested on the time frame provided by The Farmer and Alan.

    Some leeway i will grant but not year after year.

    Wasn't the system ready to go in 2008?

    So when you pay for some goods and the other person takes your money and says i will deliver the goods to you next week you take his word.
    When the goods do not show up at all and you are years down the track would you not be annoyed. I like many am annoyed.
    What would you do if your goods are not delivered as promised?
    Would you just shrugg your shoulders and forget about it?

    How is Mike looking after himself?
    he has already told you his reasons for concern.
    A quick look at the share register will tell you if he owns shares,and i think he does not.
    So what is his motive you speak about AND HOW IS HE LOOKING AFTER HIMSELF.

    Answer some of the questions shareholders have posted and this would go away.

    If there are no answers given expect it to keep on coming.

    Perhaps you could advise why you think these questions should not be answered?

    Lets not forget we are all investors and want it to get over the line.
    Some are happy some are not.
    I can not for the life of me see how any of the questions posed by investors could not be simply answered.

    Why not answer the questions and get everyone on the same page.
    You can not take money from people and then choose to ignore their concerns.

    By the last comment about getting the shares of uncle alan i am guessing you are not the guy who said he would internally tranfer some shares if he could.

    So many anonymous posters it is confusing.

    Well let us see if we can come up with the answers

  63. mlbrooke Avatar

    Love the different views and I appreciate the replies. I am NOT looking out for me, I have NO shares in Safeworlds, I am looking out for my family and friends who do! First look on LinkedIn for Mike Brooke, Melbourne, thats me. Same company for 10 years? yes thats right, I went through a start-up and a buy-out of a little technology company in NZ, guess what the founder went on to start after this …. Xero, wow and Rod Drury is a multi millionaire from building companies and selling them and build IP and selling that too. What I learnt from Rod is its a lot harder than it seems and we had a product that we were developing and selling, we did not hide the product we talked about it and we proved it every day to new clients. My subsequent years have actually been through two acquisitions and now I work for the largest private Technology company in the world. Whats my job? to build relationships with partners and clients through proving our technology and software, showing tangible benefits in software that resolve real world problems often for large companies such as ANZ, NAB, WestPac etc…. I understand technology better than many. The guy who says he will buy shares from Alan instead of purchasing other investors? First I guarantee you can't, Second what happens each time additional shares are released? the company value doesn't jump by that increase in shares, the company value stays the same or increases (but not at the rate of the additional shares), its share dilution and the $100 that keeps being mentioned does not stay constant, it goes down, but maths in Safeworlds is very creative, I'd go as far as to say its not maths because maths requires provable figures.

    I have offered and will offer again, if you want to email me then please do so, if you want to meet me then I'm happy with that too. The ONE THING that I do not want to see is further people putting money into something they do not understand and does not make sense. The promise of cash makes people greedy, you are not getting any money back from this venture I will promise you that until the management team is made accountable to all shareholders, I do believe the product has merit, but there is no protection for anyone in the case that Alan disappears (tell me I'm wrong?), the directors ARE NOT experts in any aspect of modern day ecommerce, web design, marketing etc etc, again tell me I'm wrong? the best idea in the work will never work without the right people. There is too much noise in todays market, consider the mobile app stores, guess how many developers ever make decent money, its a tiny percentage….

    My offer is: I will meet, call, email any of you. Anything you say to me is off the record, anonymous unless its offensive.

    So there you have it, I stand behind what I say.

  64. Anonymous Avatar

    Thank Mike for what?

    Giving you some where to voice your Anonymous replays to each other. HAHA Wow thanks Mike!

    Got to love a democratic society, where you can freely express your self.

    When the tuff gets going you turn on poor old Rod.

    Well to bad to sad i say. You wanted a quick buck.
    hasn't happened yet? may never happen? your loss! if you can't afford or can't wisely invest your money then shit happens. never know you maybe the biggest investor. cause i ant.

    if your expecting something good to come from Mike well that will be real ordinary.
    he is only looking out for number one. him self.

    its a private company, no conflict of interest, until the big IPO day…….. shell be come around the mountain when she comes. ye har

    sorry why would i want your shares, when i can buy them from good old uncle Alan.

  65. Anonymous Avatar

    Share valuation concerns me Mike.
    You are right in what you say.
    If tomorrow Metcalfe said they are worth $40 lets say.

    What basis would he have for saying that.

    What basis does he have to say they are worth the current $5

    Had a look at some ASX stocks today and may i ask the faithful true believers a question

    Can any of them tell me how many ASX listed stocks are worth $5 and are not cashflow positive or have any assets.
    Please correct me if we do have tangible assets i do not mind being wrong at all.
    I hope i am wrong as i have shares in this.
    By tangible i am suggesting real estate, own offices , plant machinery etc.

    Just intersted in knowing if there are any.

    And yes who are our top 10 share owners, great question

    It is a pity no one seems to answer our questions.

    Very basic questions oh well we live in hope.

  66. Anonymous Avatar

    yaeh where is the dude who wants some shares

    me and some mates stillkeen if you are @ $7.00

    reckon i can get ya close to 500,000 shares at seven $

    get in before they go up


  67. Anonymous Avatar

    Hey Mike we got a Farmer as a Share Holder Rep.What do we need a farmer for?
    Maybe because Alan talks about an artificial cow on one of his videos and how would you make one if you do not know what it looks like , perhaps the Farmer will know what that looks like.

    But he is a wheatbelt Farmer so he might not of had cattle on his farm maybe he grows crops.
    So perhaps because Alan's semantic search can find the needle in the haystack he says maybe the Farmer might be able to grow the hay.

    Earlier poster talks about not many people attending meetings , oh i wonder why?
    Same dribble.

    They aslo talk about Alan's friend being a old Farmer.
    I guess they forgot to mention he claims he is a major share holder by his own admission and by the company.
    Question – so if he is selling shares to people i guess it is good as he has a vested interest in the company or is it a conflict of interest. To be a so called major shareholder if he does not get someone to invest he runs the risk of losing his investment.
    I wonder?
    So to say he is a friend and an old Farmer is not quite telling the whole story is it?

    Example- if i tell you the cows are bad cows because they broke the fence and got out you believe they are bad cows.
    If i tell you the whole story that 3 dogs chased the cows and pushed them thru the fence- see how the whole story changes.

    Old Farmer – Share holder Rep and Major Investor -selling you shares – story looks very different.

    Who are the major shareholders ?
    All other companies publish this info , who are the top 10.

    To try and have a go at Mike who is trying to get some answers is really ordinary.
    Metcalfe has made the claims he has to back them up.

    Is it true we can internally sell our shares? Perhaps that could be in Alan's next email.
    Fair chance it could be oversubscribed.

    Thanks Mike enjoy your work.
    I for one would not mind paying your wages if you ever wanted to join our company, we could sure use you.

  68. Anonymous Avatar

    great link above anonymous said.. they do have a team for button pushes.

    or is this 101 film making.

    i think Mike will have to go to Alan, this is how the food chain works. Melb to Brissy not that far to fly.

    Alan looks like a busy man these days on Facebook. Beijing Media Delegation visited both bris & Gold Coast studios this week.

    What now China is interested.
    Man the Gods must be crazy.

  69. Anonymous Avatar

    OMG LOL that was priceless.

    You just got owned earlier on Mike.

    A simple program like this using Microsoft Silverlight would only take YOU 3-4 months.

    FIGJAM what have the hand full of computer science engineers being doing over the the past 14 years?!?!? Playing with UL Algorithms

    Who's pretending to be god now.

    Excuse the punt 'Priceless' but that maybe the best share price indications yet. HAHAHA

    Keep them coming please!.!.!.!

  70. Anonymous Avatar

    Mike where are you leading us too? off on some wild goose chase.

    Give the other supporters a break. looks like they are looking for your help.

    10mins in LinkedIn show more than one Mickey. you telling us all fibs again??

    Peter Smartt – Senior Software Engineer
    Safe Worlds TV
    September 2013 – Present (1 year 1 month) Brisbane, Australia

    Dale McKay -Senior Software Engineer
    Safe Worlds Internet Television
    January 2004 – Present (10 years 9 months) brisbane area, australia

    also a Foofighter legend!

    Gayathri Damodaran -Software Developer
    Safe Worlds TV
    July 2011 – Present (3 years 3 months)

    Below are past and present peoples who have worked at IBS Safe World from 2005 – 2014.
    Aleksei Kogtev ,Robert Wenzlick, Samir Mishra, Kae Thong Chew, David Goedhart, Riaan Van Jaarsveld, Lucas Daoud, Brian Cotterall, Michael Bertrand, Yaron Fainstein, Bruce Edgerton, Mark Wang, Carlos Garcia…….

    How many jobs have you had in the last decade. About 6 for me! Thats odd considering? Considering what, people do move on you know.

    The previous responder should have said value not equity. A house is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

    Maybe $1 is the bench mark price. Too Good to be true! Yes sadly.

  71. Anonymous Avatar

    O'well i thought you were interested in doing some good research into this company.
    Look like my efforts were a waist of time. Your forum is just like the others.
    Good luck with the dudes and drop beats who have got no content to add or share to this forum!

    Hey I started to using a computers in 2001. Shit I'm an IT expert too, and my mate also wrote a few programs on his commodore 64,
    that makes him a great software programmer, want his name too? John Smith.

    Keep up the great work Mike.

  72. mlbrooke Avatar

    And Anonymous who stated any search will bring up the current developers, there is 1, Tony K who is still with Safeworlds according to LinkedIn, strangely the others seem to have left around the 2009 timeframe…. odd considering there is a lot of work still to be done!

  73. mlbrooke Avatar

    Anonymous who invested early….. what equity did your $1 investment gain when the shares started to be sold at $5?
    The definition of equity is value of company minus debt? who else other than Alan has provided a valuation on Safeworlds TV? whats the equity? You can't even cash your $1 per share so all you have is $1 less in your pocket. What about the I.P. that Alan won't even share with his Shareholders ….lets use a real world example, "would you buy a house from the vendor at the price the vendor set because 'they' said it was worth x amount?", No of course you wouldn't, you would get a second or third opinion done by an experienced person in that field. Very few of the investors from what I can surmise have any idea of how ecommerce or the WWW works and you are all listening to one man, a single lone guy who has a dream yet has delivered nothing at all! Glad he is christian (because christians don't deceive), also glad that he had experience in Ecommerce and Film making as well as being a system designer…. but stopped in the late 90's, as we all know not much has changed with technology in 14 years !!!

  74. Anonymous Avatar

    You must be a new investor?
    I paid $1 for my shares.
    When they were set at $5 that gave the company some real equity!
    I would personally take another $25K @ $1 each.

  75. Anonymous Avatar

    how deep your pockets mate i reckon i can round up a lot of shares for you to buy if you can do it.not sure about $1.00 if you that confident and do not want to detract from the price why would you not pay the supposed current value of $5.00 .if you could internally tranfer what would stop you from buying for $1 and then doing another transfer to a new investor at $5 and pocketing $4. me thinks you a little bit slippery Mr.may need anothe r1,2,3,5, million whos looking at a figure,u f#####g serious dude.tell ya what make those shares we will sell ya $7 who is looking at figures these days anyway
    what a toss

  76. Anonymous Avatar

    maybe a little food for thought?

  77. Anonymous Avatar

    Hello All,

    Me again, part 1 would not post, only part 2

    As an investor i go to the meetings and i watch and i listen and i do my research.
    I wanted to give Mike some information on the company as everyone is just having a whinge session.
    Its as much my company as all of you too… start going to the meetings and giving lots of feed back, ask questions.
    But I am serious about purchasing anyones shares at $1 if they want out. There must be a way to transfer them over internally?

    Allan has already said in person, looking at late 2015. I personally think 2016 but that’s my option only.
    Its open knowledge he needs more money. 1, 2 or 3 or 5 million who's looking at a figure.
    But unless money comes in this venture will only take longer to get to IPO, all the ground work has been done, we just need some serious cash injection to do it.

    IPO isn't only about us selling our shares and making a quick dollar.
    Its the date from then on when SWTV will generate A LOT of money to employee more staff, producers and programers which will speed up and improve and finish the program to compete with the big boys!

    Like Mike states, where is the team? Its there but very small due to its Budget.
    Has anyone seen Allan's Laptop he used only recently during shareholders meetings. Most of the letters have worn off the key board. He didn't want to replace it, as this was an unnecessary expense to the company. I think from that I've seen he cares about everyone money.

    The 3 meetings I've attended, maybe 25 people came each time? Not a good enough effort by some?

    The privacy i thought was important. Patents are one thing but if copy cat companies trying to do the same as SWTV, it will just muddy the waters.
    Like Mike said earlier, he could write this program in 2-3 weeks. Would it work? Maybe not? So SWTV needs to get it right the first time…

    If this takes off SWTV will be more than a banking system, it will be the private WWW.
    You will see the UL being applied to everything. I think a mobile phone will come next to complement its online phone system.
    UL will then move to the AI stage.
    I can only speculate and taking an educated guess but It would be nice if Allan gave us some small insight and examples!

    The inaction in answering the questions may have come from publicly displaying his personal emails on public forums like this.

    Come on everyone and give Mike some useful info.

  78. Anonymous Avatar

    Good to hear someone post something in defence of Safe Worlds.

    Sound like they are very high up in there from their knowledge and understanding of what is going on.

    I am not sure where Mike is but if i was Alan i would be flying to meet Mike not the other way around.

    I can not understand why Alan can not or will not answer the simple questions Mike has asked.

    Once again it sounds to me that people from inside the company are missing the point. How does Kia Ora sell his or her shares to you?

    Do you say would would happily purchase the shares because you know that there is no way for you to purchase them as there is no market?
    Pretty empty promise.

    Becoming a bank now that is a big statement.All of this is so hush hush yet you are telling everyone.

    Books have been written and have been made available and also video content that is available for people to see yet he does not want publicity.Flying under the radar or we could loose everything.

    How could we loose everything?
    Are there patents or liscences, or not?

    Gone from needing 1 million and now the poster is talking a quick injection of 5 million.

    Also talking 2015 or 2016 in their opinion. Is that back another year?

    Sounds like more of the same from someone close to the company to me.

    If the company does not want bad publicity perhaps i don't know they could listen to investors concerns and spend some time answering Mikes questions.

    The inaction to do this seems to be a bury your head in the sand approach.

  79. Anonymous Avatar

    Hello Mike, Part 2

    SWTV currently uses PAYPAL to complete all transactions. Guess who owns Paypal? Ebay does. Guess what their share holders want to do with PayPal? Its share holders want to IPO it as a separate identity.
    Why? Because the money is in the transactions and it makes a lot! plus Ebay don’t pay a dividend. SWTV is looking to pay a $5 diverted on each share once up and running.
    SWTV will become a bank, doing away with a lot of government tax's when you will only trade in its own currency.

    I too hope the system works, and people want to use it! Im hanging out for a return from my invested money. The world isn't banking down on his door because they think he is an eccentric old man that has turned to the bible for such a technology.
    The truth is he is on to something. He needs to be the one controlling and to fly under the radar until this thing is more advance. Or we will all loose everything.
    With the budget and small work force, bugs are being fixed and ironed out. Still along way to go…. 2015-16 is my thoughts for IPO unless we get a injection of 5 million tomorrow to speed up the process. Monthly overheads are between the 100K-200K mark?

    Mike you understand the idea of the platform but are having trouble finding family and friends involved etc and costs?
    Well I just spend 5 mins Googling and there is a team of behind him completing the software cycles of development, bug fixing and very cost effectively perfecting the product!
    IBS Safe World. This is the Computer Software Engineering Company designing SWTV.
    A quick Facebook and Twitter search and a team of 5 – 10 known well educated software programmers & engineers showed up.
    Lucas D, Brain C, Robert W, Trevor S, Samir M, Tony K, etc, etc. Also here is an older link meeting the crew. Note its starts at the 6min mark.
    Let me know what you think? Nothing secretive going on. The company isn't want to attract negative publicity, so it keeps a low key profile to date.

    We have your email address [email protected] but in fear of you posting our personal information and emails, I don’t know how you'll get on?

    Rod [email protected] is the WA Share distributer, he isn't a second in charge, he is a friend of Allan.
    He is not on a good wicket? he is just a normal bloke trying to help a friend out. An old ex farmer from the wheat belt.

    Mr Criddle, is probably a share holder just like the rest of us who actually believes in this product a bit more than the rest of the share holders! Good luck to him…

    Kia Ora, I will happily purchase any of your original shares at $1 if you want to exit your investment. Now that’s a great deal. No brainer?

    Mike I hope you can give SWTV some good exposure! I'm thinking you could fly over to QLD and do an interview with him. Return some confidence to all investors. Plus generate new investors to finish off the job.

    We eagerly wait your next reply.

  80. Anonymous Avatar

    maths 101 really love that post

    still laughing

  81. Anonymous Avatar

    Surely the best idea would be for Metcalfe to get another company to partner him to pull this off.
    Time after time he has failed to deliver for us.
    If it is as good as he say's it is then why can he not find either a big investor or company to help us.
    He may own over half of the company but he took on other smaller investors and has a responsibility to them.
    If it such a big breakthru then it should of been an easy sell.
    He has failed to deliver many times along the way.
    The excuses have to stop.
    Next investor meeting should be interesting.

  82. Anonymous Avatar

    Mathmatecics 101

    Millions invested and now we have some free books no one can understand.
    Millons – free books =
    One annoyed investor + another + another + another =

    Do the maths youself. It is pure logic.

  83. Anonymous Avatar

    Where does all the cash go on monthly overheads?

    Alan has quoted between two to three hundred thousand a month on operating costs.

    See he has written a book on Mathmatics which he says will blow your mind.

    Monthly overheads are enough to Blow my mind at the moment thanks.

  84. Anonymous Avatar

    G"day Mike,

    Well you make a lot of sense when writing about this product!

    I hope you will go into bat for us all or on behalf of your family and friends at least.

    Lots of questions to be ANSWERED!!!

  85. Anonymous Avatar

    same dribble at his meetings
    one investa asked him what would happen if something happened to him
    he siad to the guy don't worry it will never happen and gave him a wink
    perhaps this guy really is god and even if he does die he will rise again 3 days later just to keep working on this projet
    his behavior towards investas is terrible

  86. Anonymous Avatar

    Well done Mike and thankyou for your time and effort.
    You are happy to be convinced and even willing to invest if you are convinced.
    I don't think anyone could be fairer than that.
    All Alan needs to do is meet with you and explain and demonstrate it and we could have you on board as well.
    Ball is in Mecalfe's court is it not?
    As a investor i would love to see someone with your background involved.
    That alone would bring the credability he is sadly lacking.
    I laugh at the post that said about ( biting the hand that will feed you ).
    Well to that poster i figure he has been biting our hand because it looks like we have been the ones feeding him.
    As Mike say's prove it to him and he will be the best promoter there is.
    Surely investors deserve Alan to prove this to Mike beyond doubt.
    Lets face it we haven't had a return so it does not seem a big ask from the main man.
    Investors have been more than giving, surely Alan could do us this little favour.
    I to wuld invest more if he could prove it to Mike.
    If he cannot prove it to Mike then how is he going to prove it to the rest of the world?
    Thank you Mike

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