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Journey starts here!

And not the ol’ Playstation game

Start today, if you have not already begun your cyber security planning. If you do not have the expertise then use your trusted reseller and regardless of your reseller, use the resources available with the ACSC – this is priceless (and free) for beginners.

Please do not do nothing, the linked article references many mid sized businesses in Australia that have been a target this year of cyber criminals.

It is not expensive to improve your cyber resilience, start by listing all your assets (business apps, data, hardware, software), next use the ASD essential 8 and map the 8 control functions against your assets (ACSC website for more info).

Assign an importance to your assets, scoring by:

  1. Criticality
  2. Effect
  3. Likelihood
  4. Cost

Start securing the most “Likely” with the highest “Criticality”, this gets ‘runs’ on the board. Celebrate the wins across the business and start to gamify the improving security state of your business.

People like to see gains happening and small noticeable, affordable increments lead to big improvements rapidly.

And finally, (actually firstly!) don’t forget the people, teach them about what to do and not do!

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