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When Smart locks are too smart!

Did you know that Cyber security products can be “Too good”…… when the solution to a problem is larger than the problem itself?

My wife and I own a rental property that we let out on the AirBNB platform, we also have a residential property that we live in. Both properties have Smart door locks, which is where my story starts, because these door locks are not born equal …. one does just enough (in fact more than we need), the other, due to its extra capabilities to provide “more” security is not usable by any one without training.

We did in fact have another Smart door lock earlier which was arguably better than both of these, it was cheaper and less functional but did exactly what a door lock should do!

I will not expose the specific order but the brands are: Lockly, Samsung and Lockwood.

Seriously!, we have had around 10 customers “check in” since our super “bells and whistles” lock was installed and 0 out of 10! have been able to check in without training (I am not exaggerating), so much so that I have to use the other smart function of this lock, the camera built into the lock, to talk to them and allow them access to our home.

This relates heavily to Cyber Security, where often the suggested Vendor approach to solving a problem is significantly more complex than the problem that one is trying to solve.

A Cyber Security product sales pitch will carefully explain the Challenge and provide the solution with great looking icons and flashy animations; if one digs beneath the animations, what holds everything together; the answer is: YOU! and when you are not there, NO ONE manages it.

How much of the capability of what you purchase will you actually utilise?

This is where a Managed Services approach can be attractive, for smaller businesses or businesses who do not want to be managing a Cyber Security solution that is not core to your business.

Cyber Security it is a necessary support function for the organisation and the management of your security may be able to be outsourced to a provider with more expertise than your business wishes to invest in something that is not core to your operation.

Lastly (not Lockly), back to Smart door locks! I personally recommend you buy the lock that does what you need not the lock that fulfils a future desire, because I bet you will never “need” that capability!

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