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WAZUH Open source security platform

WAZUH Open source security platform is a fork of OSSEC, it has been around since 2015 as a product and is growing in adoption.

What is Wazuh

Wazuh is an eXtended Detection and response platform that does not claim any level of either:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • or, that it is easy

These are the smallest claims in the industry with virtually all software products claiming to be the opposite, that is:

  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence
  • Advanced machine learning
  • Simplified

Being forked from OSSEC it has the same fundamentals with a much improved UI, being Open source though will require a lot of expertise from its operators to get the best from it.

Further info

This post will be extended with further information and details of how Wazuh works and whether it matches the hype…… But, chances are, without the excessive claims of commercial competitors it is already exceeding any of the existing software solutions available.

Wazuh an Open Source security project

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