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SafeWorlds TV – Alan Metcalfe

Its not normal for me to post about non-tech related topics but the topic of SafeWorlds TV came up in my household and I thought I needed to get at least one Google Search result that questions the validity of the platform. Alan Metcalfe set up a system based on his belief that universal logic has been found in the bible, I’m not going to dispute that. Many many people have found translations for anything they wish to prove from the bible so its absolutely plausible that Alan discovered a way to apply universal logic.

Now my personal issue with the product ‘ SafeWorlds TV’ is that its not a product, its not anything of any substance that I can determine from emails with Alan Metcalfe or other people invested, products take time to build but Safeworlds TV has been in a building phase for over 14 years and all that has been developed to date is a questionable Microsoft Silverlight based website, Silverlight has not been a development platform of choice since Apple iOS 2/3 when most companies that bloated applications running on mobile devices was not an option and HTML 5 was the future. 

Infact for all the investment dollars spent, mobile devices can’t even use SafeWorlds TV!, mobile devices are being used almost ubiquitously every single day for most of the first world.  

The web site is here:  and its simply terrible, remember this is a product that needs investors still so why is the ‘crown jewel’ of the company so poorly designed. 

There are a few lessons I’d like to apply here: 

  • When something seems too good to be true then it probably is too good to be true
  • When you don’t understand how something works, don’t invest without expert advice
  • When a company continually slips release dates, be very wary of their motivations. Companies have to make revenue so have to release products otherwise they are burning investor dollars to live off.
One of the advocates (was a top account manager of very large tech company) of Safeworlds TV, sent out to all investors replied to me recently and his advocacy is no where near as strong as it used to seem:

Safeworlds TV is an interesting attempt to monetize some of the investment that has taken place of the years. Basically it is a way to link content, products and services in a safe e-market place where you can monetize you assets.  The idea is sound – it was actually ahead of the market – look at iTunes and how it changed the music industry that was in shambles with all the unauthorized sharing of their product – the good news is that the market continues shifting in this direction – someone told me the other day that something like 40% of AT&T’s network internet traffic was video.  So I believe Alan’s concept around Safeworlds TV is valid – the question can they get to volume fast enough to secure a large enough part of the market to be one of the leaders – which in turn would attract deep pocket suitors. 
Therein lies the rub of speculative investing higher the risk the higher the reward but there is not much middle ground.

A recent email exchange with Alan, i am open minded but wanted more explanation:

From: Mike B
Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2014 10:10 PM
To: alanm@
Subject: Safeworlds TV
Hello Alan, sorry to contact you out of the blue but I’m very interested in how your technology will make a difference to the existing ecommerce technologies that are available and how the TV channels are going to provide a good experience for the channel owners. 
AMM: I will try!!!
When I run google searches there is no reference to your technology other than self promotion sites, the terms ‘universal logic’ haven’t registered either so I wonder whether that is such a big discovery as I would certainly register and trademark something so fundamentally new. 
AMM: This is very hard to explain to people.  However, you need to know that the world is not honest.  Google and the mainstream media is a direct competitor and they will not go out of their way to promote me or Safe Worlds TV.  The good news is this suits me because, particularly until now, I have not been interested in educating our competitors as to how Universal Logic (Artificial Intelligence) works.  Unfortunately, we get one chance to protect and capitalize on this technology; and once we lose control of it; we will lose any chance of every capitalizing on it.  I therefore have to be very careful what I say; and to whom I say it.  The world of science; and even many parts of the Christian Church, do not want to hear about my work on the Bible.  It is totally unacceptable to many in science that I found Universal Logic in the Bible.  THE GOOD NEWS out of all this; despite all this; we have it; and no one can take that away from us.  We just now need to capitalize on the fact.
Michael thoughts: This statement is extremely inprobable, when a technology is developed it needs to be protected. There are videos and limited material available already about this ‘universal logic’ so the secret is ‘out’. Google may curate results but considering the only results that are returned are small business sites and Alans own site I disagree they are beling censored.
I was browsing the channels today and its extremely difficult to navigate if I was to compare with other Ecommerce sites such as eBay or Amazon.
AMM: I understand that it is at this stage, because it is so comprehensive.  It has to be to cover the World Economy.  Google is simple because it doesn’t do a fraction of what Safe Worlds TV does.  E-Bay, Amazon, etc., are simple because they are single user monopolies (silos).  Safe Worlds TV has to provide a common User Interface for millions of users.  This isn’t easy.  When Channels start to use their own Vanity URLs within Safe Worlds TV – this will make a big difference – I think.  Also, be assured that we will keep working on simplifying the interface; and educating people to what it is.  I believe it is very important to know what Safe Worlds TV is; then you will marvel, like we do; that it is as simple as it is.;

Michael thoughts: A misfact, Google does indeed cover the world. Google is customised and localised for most countries already and has been for some time. Additionally E-bay and Amazon are also localised for many many countries. Youtube also covers much of the world, its not true to state SafeWorlds are doing anything thats not already being done. There is no marvelling at the current system.
As a system architect (infrastructure) myself I would really like to understand how the systems work and how its going to repair the global economy.
AMM: As a system’s architect, you should know the difficulty of designing a common user interface for the entire World Economy.  Designing a user interface for a single user Website, no matter how big the user, is simple.  Try designing one for a million users and see how difficult it becomes.  This is the beauty of the Safe Worlds TV user interface.  It is a common user interface that can handle every business; every enterprise; and every participant in the World Economy.

Michael thoughts: A complete misfact. As above many e-commerce sites already work in many countries and they manage to be successful. Youtube would be another successful example of localisation working and a cleanish UI. 
‘World Economy’ is not going to happen with this idea, there are already successful organisations doing this such as Paypal, Google Wallet etc.
I have been told about what Safeworlds is multiple times and I’m very curious as I have people suggesting that I should buy into it.
AMM: You have to come to that decision yourself.  However, I humbly suggest that if you understand where the IT world is at this stage; and what are the big obstacles that the industry has run into; you should know that “he who wins the Artificial Intelligence battle” wins the whole prize.  That’s why Safe Worlds TV is such a good investment, because we have AI.  I made the critical breakthrough 14 years ago.   This gives us a huge start in understanding what it is; and how to get it working commercially.  And you should know that the AI that I am talking about is not the AI that IBM has developed, for example; that is not distributable on a mass basis; as Safe Worlds TV is.  What we have is real AI – we have the Holy Grail.
Michael thoughts: An almost true statement ‘Come to the decision yourself’. As an IT consultant I do not believe that winning the AI battle wins the whole prize, its simply not true there are so many battles that are equally important, hell I just want Netflix to work without a proxy in Oz. 
Having made the huge breakthrough 14 years ago and still having done nothing to monetise this discovery after accepting money from mom and pop investors is rubbish.
I’m very curious how the system is going to change the economy because that would be an amazing thing.
AMM: The economy is already changing; we are moving from the traditional way of doing business; into the Digital Age.  We are now past the tipping point where the world must go electronic.  The only problem is that the world does not have the platform or the system to go electronic.  The World Wide Web is not suitable and cannot be retrofitted as required for ubiquitous e-business.  Every IT expert in the world recognizes this.  So my job, as a system designer, is not to come up with the smart idea of how to change the world; I just have to design the vehicle that makes it possible.  This is what is now missing.  To design such a vehicle, you must first find and come to under4stand Artificial Intelligence, because there is no other way to handle the load.  You can’t build a centrally controlled silo, big enough.
Michael thoughts: This final statement does not make sense, the world does infact have platforms that allow exactly what Alan says can’t be done. The WWW is already de-centralised so this is not a problem either. Considering Alan already found AI 14 years ago I’m concerned that he is still looking for it. AI is not the answer to e-commerce though it may sound convincing if one does not understand technology

Mike B  
Final thoughts, the SafeWorlds TV system that is being developed here is a system for someone (or some people) to have a good life until they die using other peoples (investors) hard earned dollars. Those people who through no fault of their own believed in a system that is not actually doable.

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  1. mlbrooke Avatar

    I have messaged Alex and have offered to share what I have with her.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Hi Mike, if you google safeworlds you will see a journalist take on it.
    Nearly 50 million invested well worth a read.
    It has only come out yesterday

  3. Mike Brooke Avatar

    If gold had been purchased initially then it would have been used to fund their lifestyle, it is not cheap to travel the globe many times per year, to "look" for potential buyers, all of this was hiding the fact that the money they were living off was the money being collected by them from investors. There are some very senior people who should have known better (isn't there a QC in the senior leadership?) and probably did know that this fraud was going to run out eventually.

    The thing was that what purchasers were given as an entitlement after "purchasing" shares was not a shareholding, or entitlement of any kind, this I would look into because these senior people had a duty of care in my opinion.

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    One would like to know how much gold did they buy with those gold shares they were selling? A gold backed digital currency was what we were told and that the money was going into buying gold. My question is how much gold got bought and who has it now?
    If no gold was bought were did all the money go?

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    Yeah agree with your idea going to court
    There are so many reasons why that would be a good idea
    Has anybody had any contact from the company at all lately?
    What about the drama queen Rod who was sending out emails to everyone asking them to help?

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    Exactly just swept under the carpet and F everyone.Should of taken her to court

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    So true.
    Never seen a product just a load empty promises from Metcalfe.
    Now silence from those left in charge.
    Fuckin disgrace.

  8. Anonymous Avatar

    No product just a load of shit from a person who thought they were God and expected a cult of people to follow. Brainwashed by their own importance and like magic all the money was gone

  9. Anonymous Avatar

    Everything has disappeared.
    No money, company, or a Metcalfe in sight to been seen.
    Bent us all over and reamed us out, thanks for coming

  10. Anonymous Avatar

    what a complete stuff up it is. so turns out the old farmer dude lent them a shitlosd of money and they couldn't pay him back. that is unfortunate for him but when he knew all of that he kept selling shares to new people without disclosing they had no money. SCUM who has played the victim .who knows even if anything is happening.on past performance you would think not.

  11. Anonymous Avatar

    Yeah, now in 2023 and no closer to the finish line. Covid would have been a good time to launch if in fact there was a product to launch. Yep we invested, and yes it seems we were taken for a ride. Has anybody heard anything else?

  12. Anonymous Avatar

    Alan and a truthful insight.
    Lies lies lies lies

  13. Anonymous Avatar

    Interesting point however the company does not respond to shareholder's.
    They think they are above the law

  14. Anonymous Avatar

    How much money have you made out of your channel dude SFA

  15. Anonymous Avatar

    Safeworlds isn't a long-term investment it is a long term fuxk up

  16. Anonymous Avatar

    You still want to buy shares I reckon you could buy the lot of them for a buck now and that's one dear for the lot of them

  17. Anonymous Avatar

    Well 2017 and halfway thru the year and what return have us shareholders got $0.
    That's right keep the faith.
    Funding is just around the corner.
    Might be able to get some 5 cent shares if you are lucky, who knows.
    Given that people were paying a dollar a share while others were buying at the same time for 10 cents.
    Business 101 by the sounds of it.
    Always an excuse for delays.
    What a shambles and now the leader of the company has passed away.
    Where to now for us holders?
    Lack of info from the company.
    Really not sure what is worse, regular overly optimistic updates or what we have now no direction.
    Reading all the blogs I hope that Scott did not buy shares.
    At one stage they were selling shares for $5 on the back of a deal with Cable Provider Phonoscope.
    Phonoscope were supposedly going to put in $1 million dollars and receive shares to that value at $5.
    I know some people bought shares at $5 on the basis of that deal.
    Low and behold months later the deal doesn't go ahead and price of shares is taken back to $1.
    Keep the faith, very hard to do.
    I notice people mentioned Alans health to be a concern.
    Unfortunately this has proved true.
    What happens now if something happens to his wife or son?
    Where does this leave us investors?
    Guessing UP SHIT CREEK without a paddle.

  18. Anonymous Avatar

    So how is all the investors going with this now
    Still shit all happening by the looks of all their stuff
    How is Dave from Sydney feeling now
    His horse still hasn't crossed the finish line
    Good old safeworldstv still has not found the race track yet.

  19. Anonymous Avatar

    My mrs reckons it does not say that in the bible. Must of seen it in some other fairy tale book mate. Like your humour tho

  20. Anonymous Avatar

    Is dave for real
    He has shares in this and tells Mike to delete his blog
    Swtv is there to promote free speech or is that only if it suits you
    Mikes blog is free speech
    The other poster might find out about that on Wikipedia

  21. Anonymous Avatar

    To the dude or dudette talking about start up companies I reckon they would also be able to explain their products also and answer questions . Simple stiff. Most of them can explain what they have to big investors who have a better understanding than most of us mum and dad investors. Don' t need Wikipeda to work that out

  22. Anonymous Avatar

    crack me up peeps.was reding the bible just the other day and I think it said! dave from sydney shall sell all his worldly possesions and help raise valuable capital needed to get a company listed. those bible writers must be good sydney wad not even around back then.this is great keep it going everyone. real comedy

  23. Anonymous Avatar

    Hi Sydney Dave
    It would be a better idea if Alan convinced Mike B and then instead of asking him to invest, Alan could give him some of his shares and ask him to help get this over the line. All Mike has done is ask relevant questions. If Alan can not explain it to Mike then Sweet F All chance of explaining it to some big investors. Wonder why we don' t have any big investors? People ask for answers and this is the best crap you can come up with.Same shit people ask questions then they try and turn it back on them. Just remember Mike has the runs on the board.Sell everything you own Dave and borrow some money and get it over the line.

  24. Anonymous Avatar

    For those who are not familiar with start-up companies, you can learn a little even from Wikipedia – fore instance – A company may cease to be a startup as it passes various milestones,[2] such as becoming publicly traded in an IPO, or ceasing to exist as an independent entity via a merger or acquisition.
    Sounds like SWTV doesn't it. Sounds like a lot of emerging companies actually – even xero before listing.

  25. Anonymous Avatar

    Well said that sums it up nicely!!!

  26. Anonymous Avatar

    Yeah champ i guess there would be 100's of startups on global share markets around the world.
    Difference would be that they are already listed and available to be traded at market value.
    From reading what most people are posting it would seem that one of the problems has been constant delays.
    My friends and i are of the same opinion that it just continues to drag on.
    You must admit that it always seem's just another million dollars away.
    It is like the closer we seem to be getting the further away it is.

  27. Anonymous Avatar

    If you look around global share markets there are hundreds of start-ups that really just need some capital injection to get going. I've got shares in a few myself. But as a real investor, I know it's about investing for the long term.
    I wait with interest to see if Mike B accepts Alan's offer to go visit the company in the GC so he can ask all the questions he wants to. I've been there myself and had to travel from NZ, so sydney is just a stones throw away really.

  28. Anonymous Avatar

    Now that is funny
    Only thing that is holding most of us back is money
    Been the same old excuse for a long time Scotty.
    Best of luck
    Got another good gamble for you race 3 horse 6 on the Melbourne Cup
    At least it will only take a few minutes to work out if you are a winner or a loser

  29. Anonymous Avatar

    Firstly, I think Mike B has too much time on his hands.!!!!!
    Most investors make the big returns with Pre-IPO but have to be patient. Look at Alibaba – not many people had heard of Alibaba until they floated a few months ago . They have been going for 10 years. Bono from U2 made millions of dollars from Facebook pre-IPO. This is "who you know not what you know" Not many people know about Safeworlds at the moment, arn't all we investors lucky ! Mike, I bet when Google first arrived you thought What The ?.
    I am an investor from 4 years ago and I have met with Alan and his team and know the system quite well now. Upgrades are constanatly being performed for ease of use and products have been exchanged. The more I have researched the likes of Google/Ebay etc the more I understand how big a breakthrough safeworlds is.
    Mike , sounds like you need to buy shares !!!! Also, you guys in Western Australia are just annoyed because Hawthorn won the flag and not Freo or Westcoast…
    David – Sydney

  30. Anonymous Avatar

    Hi all,

    Well lots of good information starting to arise now!
    Thanks Alan for the email update and truthful insight at where the company is at.

    Also i will purchase more shares at a $1, even though i just bought $5K worth not long ago at $5.

    Mike i cant wait to hear how and watch your interview with Alan. It looks like money is the only thing holding the flood gates back now.

    If your convinced then your company sounds like it will be the one to do this.


  31. Anonymous Avatar

    Hi all,

    Well lots of good information starting to arise now!
    Thanks Alan for the email update and truthful insight at where the company is at.

    Also i will purchase more shares at a $1, even though i just bought $5K worth not long ago at $5.

    Mike i cant wait to hear how and watch your interview with Alan. It looks like money is the only thing holding the flood gates back now.

    If your convinced then your company sounds like it will be the one to do this.


  32. Anonymous Avatar

    Hello Dear Posters
    I like many have been observing the blogs and have been quite interested in all of the posts.I am quite interested in the above posters response.
    I have no idea if what they say is correct regarding selling of the shares but i am happy to go along with that line of thinking as i can't be bothered looking for my share certificate at this stage.
    So assuming they are right in what they say i see some problems.
    Firstly if i paid the current price of $5.00 for them and then decide because of delays etc i want to sell i take it i have to –

    A – find a buyer
    B- write to the company and seek approval for the sale

    My problem could be that who do i find to buy the shares?.
    I can't say to someone would you like to buy these off me because i know longer believe they are a good investment. Who will be interested in that.

    At what price will someone buy them?
    Current price i am guessing is $5.00 with an option to buy another share at $2.50.
    Do this make them worth $2.50 ?
    No i don't think it is $2.50 because who will pay that when they can get the option if they buy the shares direct from the company.
    Therefore it would be less than that.
    Now also remember the company has to allow you to make the sale in the first place.

    Now the Poster who offered to buy the shares off the Poster who wanted to get out( at a discount ) now said he would not buy them off that Poster now or any other Poster because of their (Negative Posts).
    So the only buyer we no of has just pulled the pin.
    Messy isn't it.
    So if you have posted on here or just read the posts and decide to ask the company about selling your shares i am thinking you could be wasting your time.
    So if you like me have no idea of how to sell your shares to the buyer that you must find yourself i guess you are in a tight spot.

    So in summary to the above i would have to find someone sillier than myself to make a deal.
    Then no guarantee the company will allow me to sell to the other party.
    Not really a free and transparent market.

    Also i do agree there is a great difference between Investors and Gamblers.
    When some of us put money in we were Investors.
    This has fast changed to a Gamble thru no fault of our own.

    Of course if the company was listed like has been promised this would not be an issue.
    Yes you are also absolutely right it is not your responsibility to tell us who the Directors are.
    Neither is it your responsibility to tell us how to trade the shares.
    It is the companies job.
    Looking at all the posts it seems no one from the company is interested in giving out the info.

    I must commend Mike B and all the Posters who have and continue to raise points of concern.

    I will continue reading with great interest.

  33. Anonymous Avatar

    Dear readers
    In my previous post I was merely pointing out a response to the someones prior statement – On paper i am in front on my first investment but even if they were now worth $50 i still could not sell them.
    Actually you are incorrect – look at the back of your certificate and the process for selling your shares prior to IPO is stated clearly. You must contact SWTV personally and obtain written approval. Then you must find a buyer for your shares.
    When looking for a buyer you need to understand that that buyer could purchase new shares directly from the company at the current price – so you are very unlikely to be offered $20 per share – are you?
    Also it i snot my responsibility to tell you who the board of directors are – there is no secret as far as I know but again – you should contact the company for that info.
    Also if Investors have questions of the company, then it is normal practice for investors to contact the company for clarification on matter – rather then spreading rumours and making up stories to post on blogs like this one. Of course there is a difference between true investors and gamblers – something that may have eluded some individuals who have posted comments here.

  34. Anonymous Avatar

    awesome work lol
    yes seems the other poster who is worried about the negative comments needs to read the newer blog site plenty more over on that one 40 of them
    from memory
    like the joker on one of the posts who said they do not need defending
    they should of said they can not defend their position and actions
    i have some they can have back for twenty bucks
    keep em honest
    why would some one who reckons they are so behind this want to pick the shares up at a discount

    wat tossers

  35. Anonymous Avatar

    Great to here we have a board of directors perhaps you could enlighten us all to who they are and there experience?

    If you are not on the board as you say, then why are you answering questions? What is your job?

    Why are peoples posts not answered by the company?

    I would tend to think some of the posts you refer to are not negative but rather just critical of being misled.

    Why write books, tell people to read them, and then say well they are difficult and i don't expect anyone to understand them?

    If he does not want to give away the secrets does that mean they are not yet Fully Protected?

    I don't think your reply clears anything up at all, quite the opposite.

    You mention buying more shares at a discount, that seems really big of you. How about at $20 seeing it is at a $80 discount to the IPO projected price.

    If they can be traded this must be offered to all Investors not just a few.

    Some may want to sell, some may be happy to hold.
    It must be fair and available to all to sell there certificates if this is able to be done.

  36. Anonymous Avatar

    Dear readers, although some posts are rather negative, I believe this to be a good debate. Firstly SWTV does have a board of directors – I'm not one of them however. Secondly Alan always said that his books would be a difficult read – why would he want to give away his secrets in an easily read novel. So I hope that clears a couple of previous questions.
    As for those who wish to sell their shares now before the proposed IPO, all you need to do is ask Alan if he will approve the sale of your certificates. Personally I believe in SWTV and would be happy to purchase more shares at a significant discount – but I won't be offering you dollars for them because of all the negative rhetoric on this forum. But if you are desperate to sell, then ask Alan the question and if he agrees we can talk further.

  37. mlbrooke Avatar

    I have replied to some of these comments, go

    here to see my response.

  38. mlbrooke Avatar

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Anonymous Avatar

    I think you will have some fun with the latest up date from the captain. More bullshit comparing safeworlds with alibaba, google blah blah blah…..I cant believe anyone still believes this guy………Sounded good til the story got changed 20 times and the dates of ipo get pushed back year after year……and the excuses….YAWN
    I am happy to be proven wrong but me thinks not…….smells like a fraud, quacks like a fraud, feels like a fraud…..well then most likely it is a fraud.

  40. Anonymous Avatar

    Great discussion to all who have posted.Plenty of views and theories from all.I do wonder how long is an appopriate time before someone voices there opinion?.I can understand why some people are getting annoyed.Do they wait until next year, or the year after or five years from now to say they are not happy.Some people as pointed out have been in this a long time without any return.The longer it goes on the more chance there is of something happening to Mr Metcalfe. Heaven forbid that is the case but he is not getting any younger.I do applaude Mike for raising questions to Alan- it seems that Mike only has his friends interests at heart.He seems reasonable in his questions and would also like to see some more direct answers to them.Yes i do hold shares in this and would love to see them listed.There are so many questions i have and surely some definate dates for listing should now be able to be given.Sometimes in sport a coach may not have the right players.Sometimes the team is right but not the coach.Sometimes throwing money at things fixs them.Sometimes throwing endless money at something will not fix the problem.It is hard to work out exactly were we are.I have had acouple of purchases of the shares over a few years.I think i can be happy with the idea of it and that it does exist what Alan Metcalfe says he has.It is hard to follow his reasoning sometimes i will grant you that.I did download some of his books that he said would explain everything.I may be not be real clever but the books absolutely lost me.If someone can explain them to me i would be grateful.He is different that is for sure.Time will only tell how this plays out and if he is right or not.I agree it is dragging on and when do we say enough is enough.It is hard to know.

    Best of luck to all Investers

  41. Anonymous Avatar

    Hello everyone'
    I to am a investor and i still believe in what the company is trying to do.
    My only problem is the timeframe in which it is happening.
    When i attended a meeting which i think was in 2010 it may of even been 2009 i was told by Alan that we were about 12 months away.
    Like many others i considered the timeframe for the return he was talking and decided to invest. Here we are along way down the track and for many others it is longer than me.
    In the previous post it say the hand that will feed you.
    And do not get me wrong i hope it does, but i thought way before now i would at least be able to trade my shares.
    I understand new technologies may take time and there may be bumps in the road but when Alan says he understands we would all like to be rich from this quickly but things take time this does annoy me a bit.
    When i invested i did so on his time frame projections and they seem to keep going back.
    The hard part is that if i invested in another company that is listed on the market i could at least sell my shares if i wanted to.
    On paper i am in front on my first investment but even if they were now worth $50 i still could not sell them.
    So what is my investment worth?
    I really do believe in it but do we have a board of directors or is it just one guy at the top who controls it all.
    If we go down the wrong road who pulls us up and points us in the right direction?
    I have looked at the other forum that the above poster mentioned and from what i see all the other stocks have good and bad posts by people who hold the shares.
    No doubt negative press is not good but freedom of speach is how we keep people and company's honest.
    This is a major point of safeworlds and why i invested.
    I wish Alan all the best and the team and hope sooner rather than later we can get our money back.
    We all need to be accountable

  42. Anonymous Avatar

    Haker News – prodigal_erik

    "These virtual objects are easy to secure because they are all structured the same way, according to the same standard. Security applied this way is also very strong, because, even though a hacker may somehow penetrate one bubble, this does not mean that he will be able to penetrate other secure bubbles within the system."
    We provide uniform compartments which are somehow not all subject to the same vulnerabilities!

    "Safe Worlds already has semantic search. It will take a couple of years however before sufficient data is available in semantic form, for Safe Worlds semantic search to be competitive with Web-based search engines like Google and Yahoo."

    It'll be amazing! And we have a totally legitimate reason not to have anything set up that can demonstrate it!

    This is pure snake oil, and it deserves a better fisking than I have time for right now.

  43. Anonymous Avatar

    Hi Mike B,

    liked the fact that you were willing to give SWTV some exposure but really, must you be so negative.

    If you were posting personal emails, and very negative comments about my company, i would more than stop replying to your emails.

    Now thats said, stop getting on to every media forum and bagging out this company. negative comments with little informed infomation is very damaging to us all as investors.

    example – Ausie stock forum -MichaelBNZ – looks like you just keep on cut and pasting the same uninformed info????

    For the other investors, how quick you are willing to turn onto the hand that will feed you!

    We all new this was going to be a long term, high risk with high returns. Chill out and enjoy the ride.

  44. Anonymous Avatar

    Kia Ora
    Love the posts peeps
    Me and the guys just discussing this yesterday
    Why dont Lindsay and the believers buy all the shares of us now non believers
    Me mates and me are willing to give them a dicounted rate of $4.80 a share, that is a 0.20 discount to current price
    There is no other way to get out so how about they work out a way to buy us all out
    Might even give him say 10 percent discount if he gets the other believerd to buy some of us
    Now there is a great deal
    With the price guarenteed to go up soon this is a no brainer
    Ho Ho Merry Christmas

  45. Anonymous Avatar

    i wondered where i had seen Mr Criddles name before. Low and behold it was on an email from MrMetcalfe to investors.Mr Criddles name was listed as in a email that was from " The True Believers". From what it looks like when Metcalfe can't get enough investment in, the True Believers who seem to be core group of investors ask the other ivestors/ donators to delve into their or their freinds pockets once again. The True Believers also say that we are so close and just need a little more money to get it over the line. The only thing they do not know is if and when it will ever be listed. I to am a investor Mr criddle in Safe Worlds TV and do not share your belief. Maybe you could answer all the questions Mike has asked Metcalfe and which he seems unable to answer.Perhaps you could explain and convince Mike who seems to me to be more qualified than most in these areas. If you can convince Mike about this, maybe i would even donate some more money. Why can't any of you just explain it to a guy like Mike and he be able to understand it He seems to have a open mind. He has asked questions and Metcalfe chooses to only give replies wich have nothing to do with the questions. Perhaps i will just wait for the next excuse and the next special offer.
    If the "True Believers" are so behind this then have they cashed in everything they own to get this over the line? I think not. Maybe they should get Fair Dinkum instead of just rattling the tin.. Keep The Faith

  46. Lindsay criddle Avatar

    Mike B negative blogs re: Safeworlds Internet TV.
    My wife and I have been shareholders of Safe Worlds TV for the past three years; and we have willingly increased our stake over that period of time. I am also an active Safe Worlds TV channel owner. Alan Metcalfe and Safe Worlds TV do not need defending. To the naysayers I say that the proof will be in the pudding. In all the time that I have known Alan Metcalfe, he has never wavered in his story or his belief that he has AI. I have seen no evidence to suggest that what he says is not true. He and his team have developed and delivered Safe Worlds TV to the point that it does work and is improving its performance on a continual basis. It is more than talk, he has delivered a working product. Our own experience is that Alan cares about and protects the interest of his shareholders. We are kept well-informed and up to date and involved with what is happening. Finally I find it difficult to take seriously, those who blog on such a serious issue as this, anoymously.
    Lindsay Criddle, Shareholder and Safe Worlds TV channel owner

  47. Anonymous Avatar

    Hey Mike the bloke over here in perth seems to be the second in charge to metcalfe. his name is rod and i think he is a major shareholder aswell.pretty much same as metcalfe keeps on promising it is just around the corner and does not listen to us investors. spoke to him a few times with some concerns but he just seems to defend metcalfe. hope you can get some sense out of him his mobile is 0414781601 and his email is [email protected]
    he must be on a good wicket because he just does work for metcalfe from what i of luck mate.keep us posted please.

  48. mlbrooke Avatar

    Oh please feel free to email me at [email protected] with any thoughts or contact detail, I'd like to get to the bottom of this system and Alan Metcalfe has stopped discussing with me.

  49. mlbrooke Avatar

    I watched the video too, it was at that early point that I understood the Safeworlds TV platform to be nothing more than an Informercial site. I would happily attend a Shareholder meeting if I am allowed and even better if I had some contact addresses of people who are invested in this. I would like to get more of an insiders view into whats happening. Alan has not replied to me after my most recent post, which I imagine is because I have written about what he is doing here with the site. I am thinking of writing a post about the costs of starting up a tech company with the size of SafeWorlds TV. From what I can find out online the only staff Alan has are his family and Video production staff, no A.I. developers, no Semantic Search Devs ……. nothing …… In IT you do not discover anything, you build a platform, then you iterate (improve), you fix bugs, then you iterate more. Of course having discovered the platform in the bible does mean that Alan Metcalfe might just have avoided the normal Software cycle of development and Bugs and come up with a perfect product!

  50. Anonymous Avatar

    I know of a few people that are apart of this and have invested quite a lot of money into it, as well as tried to get me to invest. I watched all the videos, did all the research, and am finding it very hard to grasp how people are taking this guy seriously. The idea of it is great, but that's all it is. I really feel bad for my mates that invested so much into it.
    If Metcalfe was able to figure out AI and the singularity, it wouldn't have stayed so quite for this long. Someone would have leaked it. Ray Kurzweil would have at least heard about it and spoke about it, as well as many others, rather then some guy that bases his findings off of the bible.

  51. Anonymous Avatar

    funny shit my mate has some of these shares and for the last 3 years he keeps telling me they are a month or so from being listed.went to one of his seminar things and when me mate asked him a question he replied with some random crap that had nothing to do with what he asked him.pompous and arrogant and boring hope it comes good for me mate and his friends.what films did he produce

  52. Anonymous Avatar

    Metcalfe is the only one who understands how the human mind works so he says. Not much use having that knowledge when he doesn't know how the real world works. He has published some e – books so i guess he is an author. I swam in an olympic size pool once does that make me an olympic swimmer. Long term sufferer, sorry i mean investor of safeworlds tv. Thankyou for the questions you have posed to him. Maybe he can tell you the exact date he will list this company?

  53. Anonymous Avatar

    If Mike is naive then does that not make the guy who says he has this amazing technology that the world needs (apparently) pretty hopeless. Why is the world not banging his door down and giving him fists full of dollars. If it is not being used and making money after all this time then you would have to be naive to believe it ever will. Would you not.

  54. mlbrooke Avatar

    To the guys above that have invested, I hope the system works so you get a return on your investment.
    To the guy who believes I'm Naive, I've asked Alan to reply to your questions and will post his response. You are a little naive to believe that eBay or Amazon or Apple are looking for a solution to ecommerce, they are doing it today, whether its siloed or distributed is completely irrelevant. I do not see a link to AI in the SafeWorlds platform at all.

  55. Anonymous Avatar

    I think you are naive to think that Alan has invented this system all by himself without a team of talented people behind him – maybe you should ask him about this. E-commerce is currently in lone platforms like e-bay as you mention, but there is no single global platform like the Safe Worlds TV system available – you should ask Alan to comment about that too. The safety and security issue is the big issue and it's clear that security is not available for e-commerce now – that's why businesses are not flocking to use it already. How AI works and how it enhances security is the key to a future online commercial world – I would like to hear from Alan about that issue too.

  56. Anonymous Avatar

    Yes i am an investor also.
    He always puts on his emails Keep The Faith.Pretty hard to Keep The Faith when his own self impossed timeframes are not met on time.
    Nice to hear of your background Mike. You have a wealth of experience.

  57. Anonymous Avatar

    I'm an investor since May 2012. I pray this company works or else I am going to be out of a lot of money.

  58. mlbrooke Avatar

    Anonymous, it doesn't matter where the data is, its vulnerable to hacking. Your example of the PSN store is a great one, imagine that SafeWorlds TV where 7 billion records were stored got hacked? all of a sudden everyone is vulnerable across the world with a single hack attack. You can not stop hacking, what if the hack comes from inside the company hosting the data…. Consider Edward Snowden and the US government? you don't think they were secure; their data was stolen from the inside, it is naive to believe a single solution exists to that problem.

    Raises an interesting point though, how does Semantic Search and AI solve the issue of Security and Privacy? I'm sorry but to remain a fool, I can not see how a lone man with an idea, without a team of smart and talented people can build a platform for the entire worlds e-commerce. Where is this team? who are the members?

    E-commerce DOES exist right across the globe; Amazon, Apple; eBay etc, you can't argue with that. Those and many other sites are providing e-commerce today.

    Lastly I'm not saying the idea wouldn't be great, what I'm saying is that it is not 'real' and it does not exist currently… it simply does not, if it did there would be involvement from the names that Alan uses in his response because that would be amazing to the world. It does not exist, look at the demo videos online showing how the system works? there is not an ounce of depth in the video.

  59. Anonymous Avatar

    You mention that the WWW is already decentralized and imply that using it for global e-commerce is not a problem. However you might note that if you were correct, then everyone would be using it for e-commerce already. Yet many who have tried came to grief in a big way – like Sony Play station who had 170 million customer records and credit card details stolen by hackers. So a private and secure system like Safe Worlds TV does in fact fill a niche that is not available today – and that's why I believe that it can be a credible system.

  60. Anonymous Avatar

    Interesting debate.

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