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Budgies have taught me…

Budgies have taught me something I never considered that budgies could teach me about the IT industry.

Our family had 4 budgies until one escaped, so we were left with 3 budgies. As some of you may be aware budgies partner up for the long term and we now had 1 couple and a “single” who every morning would screech an alarming sound for hours a day…… every single day ……. without fail

Fast forward and we decide to get a new baby budgie to even out the dynamics of the “flock” and to try and quieten “Salad” – our children came up with some bizarre names. 

We added the new bird to the cage and to start with the older birds hated the new entrant and are scared “silly” of ‘Smokey’ (being a grey bird), finally after 7 days the dynamic is changing significantly, you see the new bird has turned the cage upside down (not literally of course), Smokey doesn’t know what the “accepted” budgie way to behave is and just gets in everyone’s way until they listen to him….. and this made me think about IT industry hiring decisions….

You see we all know a lot about what to do within the industry, we have expertise because of our time served, certifications etc….

But what if we hired someone new to cyber for an existing cyber role, what if we hired ‘Smokey’ to bring in fresh and new ideas that we “experienced” industry people may have previously considered and placed in the “Too hard” basket.

Mostly someone new to cyber with the right mentality will make us rethink through their fresh and different outlook and their questions asked that we would never have asked because we think we know the answers already.

I think it is worth taking the risk on new talent, when that talent shows the other capabilities that we are looking for but falls short on the technical know-how because technical know-how is the easiest part of working in a team.

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