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Board level: concepts and explanations

Have you ever “lost” you audience when presenting a solution to your board of directors? no matter how hard you try to explain why your company needs this cyber security widget or process, they do not understand “your” urgency nor accept what you are explaining?

Try this at home when you are passionate about a hobby that your partner knows nothing about? then remove the smile that they give you because they “love you” and you will understand what I am referring too.

When you explain a concept or a principle to leadership, you are already losing, if you continue to explain in more depth you have lost, especially in cyber security matters.

When presenting to senior leadership, instead of explaining product concepts and technical principles, use real life compelling stories and examples of where a similar scenario has played out and has impacted another business like yours.

If there are no compelling stories / examples then your security thinking may be ahead of the industry and unless you are a bleeding edge business, it may be better to delay.

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