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Welcome to mass Travel disruption!

The shape of things to come for Australians? ….. I am the worst at actually printing out a “Hard copy” of any ticketing or required material, I like to rely on Technology and use the apps on my phone….

It is guaranteed …… without a doubt that our “Vaccination Certificate” Covid Government app back-end infrastructure will fail and “fall over” at least once in the next 12 months, once we can travel overseas again…..

AND it will happen on the day I choose to take my first International flight, so I will be printing my evidence out for at least the next 12 months!

Either Cyber Crime or over use will the the cause, personally my money is on the Cyber Crime side. It is a logical but nasty escalation of the Anti VAX movement, hopefully the involved collective brains trust is not sufficient to achieve a Cyber Attack of this level.

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