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Update on Safeworlds TV

This is a response from Alan for an Anonymous commentor in a previous post of mine. I’m going to have to stop asking questions, each time I do I find the answers to be more and more incredulous. There is no detail again in the response from Alan and I re-iterate that there is no solution except a Silverlight based website.

From: Mike
Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2014 3:22 PM

To: Alan Metcalfe
Subject: Re: Safe Worlds TV – Alan Metcalfe’s 2nd Responses
Hello Alan, As a response to my post there was a comment with the following, I think they are pretty easy to answer questions, certainly you can provide some detail to make people feel more confident in their investment. All along I have been asking for you to provide enough detail to open my eyes and for me to understand that your system can actually work. I don’t have blind faith in anything whether thats god or a new platform I have people that mean a lot to me invested in SafeWorlds TV and all I want to understand is the truth. These questions from an investor are probably reasonable along those lines. Please provide some detail, information is what I’m requesting as I am open to disruptive technologies. If you can answer the below with any specifics then I will post that for the commenter.
Comment from Anonymous:
I think you are naive to think that Alan has invented this system all by himself without a team of talented people behind him – maybe you should ask him about this.
AMM: Over the 30 years that I have been researching, designing, developing, testing, and more recently, commercializing Safe Worlds TV, hundreds of people from many different walks of life and disciplines have helped and contributed to the success of Safe Worlds TV.  One does not crack the Bible Code, find Universal Logic, develop the world’s first truly artificially intelligent, mass distributable database; and design, develop, and commercialize an Internet TV platform and e-business system like Safe Worlds TV without a lot of help and input from others.  It requires a massive team effort; and I have been blessed to have such support.  The good news is that the effort and the support continues.  We still have much to do.
  • The term ‘success’ is clearly subjective, by what measure has Safeworlds been successful? examples here would have helped answer the question.
  • 100’s of people from all walks of life? The question is who has helped? if 100’s of people are involved someone would have leaked information about the amazing work that has been done:
    • The Bible code has been cracked, this alone would be life changing
    • Artificial Intelligence, everyone wants this!
    • The first mass attributable Database, this would have saved Google writing their own massive scalable Database!
  • 30 years means a significant portfolio of Intellectual property would have been built, conisdering this is AI, please provide even a single Patent number?
  • Again who is in this ‘Massive’ team? how many people make up the safeworlds team? Please provide a number?
  • And the biggest fear……. ‘We still have much to do’ ……. before what? releasing a platform?
Alan, please provide one patent that you have relating to your technology, there are at least two areas above that you must have patents on otherwise those 100s of people could steal Safeworlds Intellectual Property? 

E-commerce is currently in lone platforms like e-bay as you mention, but there is no single global platform like the Safe Worlds TV system available – you should ask Alan to comment about that too.
AMM: This is correct.  The World Wide Web is the only Internet Platform that is comparable with Safe Worlds TV.  This is why electronic business has not taken off as it should have by this, because there is currently no alternative to the World Wide Web.  This is why “the powers that be” who control the World Wide Web are only recently starting to talk about the serious problems of online privacy and security; and the vast potential of “computers everywhere”.   These problems and opportunities have been known for at least the past 25 years. 
  • Electronic business hasn’t taken off like it should because there is no alternative to the World Wide Web ?!?!?    …….. There WOULD be NO Electronic business without the Web. Period! 
  • The powers that be that ‘own’ the web? , WWW is an open platform owned by no one, it is not an ‘owned’ platform. It is a platform with standards that define how everything should operate.
  • The WWW hasn’t taken off like it should? What business, who isn’t selling a product isn’t already using it now at least for a web presence if not a full market place and companies like Amazon and eBay provide small sellers with a great way to get their products on the web. 

The safety and security issue is the big issue and it’s clear that security is not available for e-commerce now – that’s why businesses are not flocking to use it already. How AI works and how it enhances security is the key to a future online commercial world – I would like to hear from Alan about that issue too.   
AMM: Numerous studies as to why small, privately owned businesses will not use the World Wide Web for electronic business have concluded that SMB are put off by (a) the Cost; and (b) the lack of Privacy and Security on the Web.  At this time when SMB have vast amounts of low cost computing power and storage available to them, big government sites and big business sites dominate online business and are sucking the air out of SMB worldwide, because these mega entities are controlled by folks who do not have as much at stake as the small to medium sized business person when it comes to their privacy and security.  They can take risks that small business people cannot.   The reason why e-business systems now cost so much; and privacy and security are so difficult and costly to deliver on the Web are: 1) the Web is “open source” which makes it difficult/impossible to have a worldwide privacy and security standard; and 2) without such a standard, e-business Websites have to be individually (custom)  built, which makes them costly.  AI solves these problems by delivering standardization and therefore, relatively simple systematization.  This is why Safe Worlds TV is not “open source”.

  • Finally agreement, yes small businesses would be put off by cost and possibly the maintenance required (incorporating security and management). SafeWorlds does not fix Security or other management of a small businesses web presence. 
  • A more likely reason that more small businessses are not on the ‘web’ is they don’t view it as being strategic for them yet. Its takes time and money to be online, it still will require time and money with Alans solution.
  • SMB has always and will always struggle against big business/government. An online presence does not change/improve/alter the struggle and having an online presence does not ensure that the SMB can compete with big business either.
  • Standards are being used to provide ecommerce solutions today, eg: 
    • HTTPS for secure transactions, 
    • API’s for connectivity to Payment processors such as Google Wallet or Paypal, 
    • Database back end, 
    • an AuthN provider maybe through OpenID or Facebook. 


I believe I understand what safeworlds is finally. Its simply a dream, an idea.
  • There is no product, when asking the questions and investigating Safeworlds TV, it becomes
    • A Security and privacy solution 
    • A Small business ecommerce solution
    • A community TV solution
    • An Alternative to the World Wide Web
    • An Artificial Intelligence platform

Many of the above would have required significant investment by the shareholders of Safeworlds TV, it would be extremely negligent for this Intellectual Property to not be covered by Patents. Shareholders you need to ask for these patent numbers and look them up yourself. How many times have significant milestones not been met? IPO dates, dates of significant releases etc? What product previews have been viewed? look at the technology used, Silverlight does not work on mobile devices and its no longer a developed platform, Being at the forefront of e-commerce as Alan is you as shareholders will be confident that Safeworlds has been recoded into HTML 5 already.

On the IPO, significant work has to go into a company pre-IPO, so Alan will have completed a lot of homework already, One of the requirements of an IPO is something called an S-1 document, this is a full description of exactly what the company is and what it is doing, as shareholders this information should be available to you.

Read more here:

Start asking questions, get actual details see product demonstrations and don’t settle for less. If you see a demo Safeworlds TV platform and you wouldn’t use it, don’t believe that others will as you are the customer.

5 responses

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Another year gone by and still no listed company. Surprise, surprise.
    The main man is no longer with us and has left this earth.
    Reading his history profile I see he used to sell life insurance earlier in his career.
    Lets hope for all investors sake he took out multiple policies for himself.
    May well be our only chance of getting some coin back.
    Could distribute it back to investors.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Still has not raised the money that is needed to list after all this time has to tell us something.
    2016 now and still nothing to show.
    Would seem @safeworldstv is further away than ever.
    Eight years on from being ready to go but" pulling back because of the Global Financial Crisis" still no viable business.
    He supposedly had the system ready to go back then.
    Was meant to be "cash flow positive" 2 years ago.
    Alan needs to understand that there is certainly cash flow but money coming in from investors without any from his platform is only cash flow negative.
    Glad to see this blog up again I would imagine there will be some more pissed off people ready to comment again after this period of time with nothing delivered.
    Keep the faith is his mantra.
    Well Sir Alan you certainly make that very hard.
    Thanks Mike for your interest

  3. mlbrooke Avatar

    Thanks for the response, the situation is a 'catch 22', Alan is asking you to not put more money in but rather to get your friends to invest. Now getting your friends to also commit to a scheme gets tricky because you stand to lose that friend if Alans SafeWorlds TV isn't successful. So what would one do if they have put money in thats going to be lost if Alan Metcalfe can't raise the money he needs, potentially put more cash into Safeworlds TV to keep it afloat til the end of the year, because otherwise you will lose all your investment anyway. The IPO process costs in the order of several millions of dollars so Alan will need to also request this 'donation' to stop the company failing.

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Mike awesome work. Finally it is Putup or Shutup time for Metcalfe. Looks like from his silence he has decided to Shutup.How can every year he be only months away from IPO but not actually get there. Continually be asking for more money and then tell investors if he does not get the money he needs the project is in jeopardy. So seeing they do not want to lose the original money they put in because it is so so so so close they put a bit more in.He says he has great investors who have stuck by him all the way, what crap. Given the chance most of us would take our money and run if it was possible.
    You do not have much choice but sit and wait if you can not get your money out. The failure to reach IPO by now is not a money problem but a Metcalfe problem. Pissed off- you bet. Trust me and keep the faith he says.How about he just delivers what he said he would.Thanks Mike keep up the great work.

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    Mike mate what is wrong with you. Clearly Mr Metcalfe has answered all your questions. You are just not thinking right.Well if you watch some of his videos on his fancy website that is what he is telling people. They need to think the right way. Clearly 99.9% of us do not think the right way so it is our fault that we do not understand what he is talking about.I thought i had invested in something decent but it seems it might be more of a donation than an investment.If he was intellegent he would invite you to his office and prove to you beyond doubt what he has. With your contacts and expertise no doubt you would be great advertising and a great asset to him.If he can prove it what does he fear. As an investor, sorry Donator, i would be happy to have you go to a investor meeting on my behalf and ask questions. no doubt you would still not get the answers to your questions.It seems he is accountable to no one.
    Prediction – special extended share offer, price to go up soon, don't miss out.

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