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SafeWorlds updated videos on the solution

The most recent videos produced by Alan explain exactly what Safeworlds does and is, so firstly I want to cover what it is not:

Here is the link to the videos:

Artificial Intelligence
Safeworlds TV is not Artificial Intelligence, to call the system equal to a ‘Small child’s’ brain is grossly overstating the facts. It categorically is not and can not be, AI of that level does not exist anywhere around the globe. 

  • Firstly; Alan is correct in that AI would be the greatest discovery of all time, it would also need to be protected by patent after all it’s the most important discovery in history and Alan; ‘after thinking about AI and universal logic when reading the bible was lucky enough to discover it’. 
    • As the discovery is so important a ‘discoverer’ would want to protect this invention.
  • Secondly; with all the compute power available on the planet, A.I. Is still no more ‘intelligent’ than a rat and still only in certain aspects, but don’t take my word for this.

Alan goes on to explain that AI is either good or evil and that AI can be used for either purpose, this statement is sensationalism and furthermore has no relevance to an eCommerce platform. Computers/Software are neither good nor evil, A.I adds capability for self modifying logic based on learning but Good / Evil requires a human conscious capability and one could even argue that good and evil are within the mind of the third party. This is not what A.I is or will be used to achieve. Take one area where A.I. is being used currently.

Note: There is no requirement for Alan to detail how AI will be used for evil in the videos, worse still while showing Terminator in the background to provide the context of an evil world. Doing this stirs peoples emotions into worrying about what the future will bring if they don’t invest with Alan and control A.I. Which incidentally Alan can’t control without a Patent and Alan doesn’t have any patents on A.I. or he would have proved that in fact there is some Intellectual Property within Safeworlds TV.

Semantic Search, a core component of the Safeworlds TV system, currently does not seem to be built into the websites product search. One can test this by running a search on a term rather than a keyword, the capabilities of semantic searching would mean that a search could be ‘products related to tech’ or one should be able to search for a term such as ‘tech’ being short for ‘technology’ and the ‘small child’s’ brain that is Safeworlds TV would understand and return results, currently as of the beginning of September 2014, this capability is missing. As a key component of the platform it needs to be working for end users to find products.

Possibly even worse than search within not working, SafeWorlds TV WILL NOT be indexed by Google search either!?!? As an end user how do you find websites today?  

SafeWorlds TV uses the World Wide Web just the same as any other system does. The illustration that Alan uses in the latest set of videos shows a front end (public User Interface or UI) and a back end secure(private) application logic layer, with the ‘worlds first mass distributed database’.
Every internet WWW connected system on the planet has a public UI and a private back end that is NOT on the WWW. The connection from the Front end UI to the Back end application data is via application API’s, the application for any other site is also private not public as Alan incorrectly states.

Safeworlds TV is still developed using Microsoft Silverlight a technology that is ‘dead’ (just as Adobe Flash has died) and will not work on any of the 1 billion+ mobile devices in use across the world, mobile devices make up much of the internet traffic consumed today and not having a technology to run on these devices means that many customers will be lost and in many in poorer countries (recall that SafeWorlds is a world economy for all nations) will not be able to access the portal at all.

There is no A.I, Semantic Search or mass distributed database behind Safeworlds TV, these terms and explanations of have been used to make the system look much more noble than what it actually is.

What SafeWorlds TV is:

From the videos Alan has produced I now understand the technology, Safeworlds is an Infomercial Hub on the WWW just as any other eCommerce site is, that isn’t a bad idea as people do watch infomercials and there is money to be made. 

But here lays the problem, how do you get people to start using the system, its not indexed by search engines for a start? 

I do commend Alan on finally bringing something out, this is the first update the website has had since 2011, it’s probably coincidence that this occurred after this Blog started causing a bit of a stir.
Based on experience with web development the new refresh will have required around 2-4 weeks of development and build time. The application used for creation of ‘business pages’ is assumed to have required between 2-4 weeks. A substantial amount of time elapsed between 2011 and September 2014 where no outward progress had been made.

As shareholders, would you use the site. Is it intuitive to your eye? This is a requirement for others to use a website as they are normal punters like all of you. The modern web does not require a single interface for all the countries of the world, even differences in browsers can be accommodated by the multitude of websites out there, many of which will work on mobile devices today!

Below are some links to basic design principals, these could be used by Safeworlds TV to increase the web sites appeal

So a couple of final questions to ask Alan:

  1. What happens in the event of Alan no longer being able to front the company
  2. Who owns the Intellectual Property behind A.I, Universal Logic, Mass distributable databases etc
  3. When will Safeworlds TV be available for mobile users
  4. Ask for the specifics of what the platform is and delivers, details not ‘fluff’ about global economies
  5. Ask how this will be monetised without being indexed by search engines, consider how you as a potential end user find things on the web today because you are part of the the target market
  6. Ask for regular forecasts around end business uptake, revenue, usage and track against actual financials


Universal Logic is NOT an IT term as described by Alan, it has nothing to do with IT.

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    All the above questions Mike said to ask and love number 1 .
    And number 6 the company won't provide any financial statements to shareholder's

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