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Safeworlds TV $.010 shares?

Safeworlds TV and Alan Metcalfe

After a hiatus from posting details about this scam, I have had recent information that corroborates my initial concerns around what Alan says he was trying to do. Therefore I have decided that I can not leave this any longer and I will post what I have found out recently.

I have emails from two sources who assure me that Alan Metcalfe is selling shares at $0.10 to select persons where the public is still paying $1.00 per share. 

Email #1:

“Thru a friend of mine who let me know Metcalfe is now selling 10 cent shares to a select few shareholders, whilst still taking money from other investors at $1.
I contacted Alan last week and asked if he was in fact selling shares at 10 cents and could i have an application form. He emailed back and said he was, but it was not a general offer to everyone, hence i still got no application form.
I emailed him again telling him that to not include everyone in the offer and to be still selling shares at $1 at the same time is not only unethical and not morally right but also misleading.
After several emails back and forward he offered me  to purchase 250,000 shares at 10 cents, $25,000 .
Possibly to keep me quiet.” 

Email #2:

The guy I rang last night is still convinced that Alan has the secret of AI and that they are going to make a fortune!! I asked him if he was offered shares at 10 centa a share and his answer was “yes”.”

So if you are prepared to buy more shares from in a scam, you can now purchase them for $0.10.

Now, before any investor becomes upset at this blog post around $0.10 shares, Alan Metcalfe still wishes to sell shares at more than a $1.00 to large investors and others who don’t know of this secret offer???? 

This is completely unethical, some investors have received equity of Safeworlds IP at 1/10th of others because they are friends with Alan?? let expand that question and ask who has received these sorts of deals in the past? and possibly even better deals?

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    The old farmer lent them a a million bucks they reckon and when he found out they couldn't pay him the interest he kept selling shares to everyone hoping he could get his money back. Never told anyone they were in trouble. Real nice

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Company is broke
    Woman in charge has no Fxxxning idea what she is doing

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Yes you are totally right about it. Only thing that has stopped is the asking for money. The bullshit story still spins as to what is happening or not happening as the case is. Talk of a deal is just a dream

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Really it is totally unbelievable that not a thing has happened for the last few years. There is supposed to be a deal on the table which has gone on for a year with no deal yet being done. Deal has not progressed in a year. All imaginery i think.

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    Still nothing happening. Share holders in the dark still

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