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Office 365 to take over the world? or at least business….

Interesting commentary on Office 365, I can see both sides of the debate and I believe everyone is somewhat correct in their assertions, many customers will migrate to Office 365, some will remain on the platform they have until support ends due to cost of migrating to a new platform when it doesn’t offer anything above what they are using today.

Anyway it started here with Scott Cameron (Microsoft) who unfortunately made some incorrect assertions in his factoids:

The response from Tony Redmond:

And it ended here with JRosen (Microsoft)

I work for a Software vendor who provides migration software and this is what my customers are thinking, for a new business why wouldn’t they choose a platform with no capital outlay and almost no cost of support, but, if a business is already using Exchange 2010/2013 the reasons to move to Office 365 now are not compelling because of the cost of change or disruption to users.

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