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Microsoft Defender for endpoint server licensing, Microsoft licensing is hard to follow at the best of times, not to mention product name changes/updates, licensing terms etc etc.

Recently I have been involved in licensing questions for reseller and Managed Service Providers (MSP) across my region and Microsoft Defender for endpoint server licensing has come up several times. I profess that I am not the expert on any of these things and I rely on my knowledge as well as materials that others have written to be able to assist others.

Some key features:

  • Defender for Endpoint Server is “unlocked” if a customer has 50 Defender for Endpoint licenses
  • Defender for Endpoint servers is “unlocked” if a customer has Microsoft Defender for Cloud
  • There is no auditing on the Defender for Endpoint Server license, as you deploy the total licenses available do not change.
  • This may change tomorrow (please review the first paragraph) so please perform your own checks

All of this information was provided at the following link, thank you to CIAOPS!

Defender for Endpoint server licensing – CIAOPS

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