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“inventory stock” for Facebook, is you!

But you know that already!

Interesting comparison in the linked article below and somewhat equivalent , though the post “person” selling our private information could not go as far as Facebook has been able to unhindered.

In my opinion it is not that my data is being sold which is an issue, it is the fact that Facebook has never been open and honest about this selling of “us”, our secrets, our significant life events, our discrete purchases, our web searches, our connections etc etc.

Even worse, when Facebook was finally forced to confess to their crimes, they promised to not do so again, then they did so again, and again!

Facebook has proved to be a company that is not a platform for their users but a self centred single focused organisation, with zero respect for their users private business.

By virtue of their business model, the user is not even their customer, the purchaser of the raw data are their clients and we the users are the inventory stock.

Think of it as “you” in a warehouse, sat on a shelf waiting for a Facebook client to be looking for people like you in a particular demographic to sell to, or use your information for political targeting, left/right wing recruiting etc etc.

If Facebook had been Google and had created Google search, they would have lost already, would have been slapped down by regulators and destroyed.

Side note: Google does plenty along the same lines, but they are much more transparent about it and they respect the position they are in, up to the extent of the law as they hold a precarious position, commercialising what is essentially a “free” service with their search.

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