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Intuitive Windows Error message #1

Intuitive Microsoft Windows 7 error message #1
Working on my laptop this morning I discover an issue with
VMware Workstation 9 having uninstalled without any prompting from me.  Whats odd is that my laptop was
disconnected from power and in sleep mode when this uninstall occurred as
starting up VMware was the first activity attempted this morning and the
application was no longer available.

No problem because our trusty corporate software share is
where I found the installer yesterday and can find the installer for the second
time, or can I……

Descriptive Microsoft
error message….
Error clearly shows I have an existing drive mapping to Y: and as its already in use I can’t ‘double click’ and access the Y: drive.
This is of course 100% accurate, I do want to open the Y:
and run the installer? Hang on a minute? This message tells me I can’t open the
Y: drive because the device name is in use already?  
Existing drive mappings:
Drive mappings show that Y: is present but disconnected

Mikes takeaway:

Don’t believe everything that you read in an error message. At best its useful and at worst misleading 🙂

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