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Help! choose a vendor

As I was cleaning this morning I found a business card from my previous roller coaster at Symantec, stopping me from my chores (always a good thing!) to reflect and think of the Cyber Security landscape as it is today with 10,000 + vendors.

I am about to start a new journey with a Start-up vendor and I feel excitement and trepidation at the same time…. a new product into the Australian and New Zealand channel.

Symantec had been around for a very long (in tech years) time – since the early 80s, yet the “Symantec” name was destroyed in less than 6 months post acquisition by another company.

What this taught me was it doesn’t matter how large a company is, it can fail, before essentially becoming dust.

In the Cyber Security industry there are no sure bets, we have large companies that have revenue and legacy products to protect for their Shareholders – make no mistake, Shareholders are number one in a public company, this stifles innovation.

Whereas startups have prospectus’s full of features with technology innovations for tomorrows world, but without large revenues. Not being a public company and with investors focused on growth, enables these businesses to grow fast and to build what the market wants.

When evaluating solutions, research the problem you need to solve and then look to solution providers that can address your current requirement in the most complete way.

The large vendor vs the small Start-up is not as easy a choice as it used to be, good solutions regardless of company size will sell and become the new Gartner magic quadrants and market leaders.

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