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Empathy in cyber security

Empathy, the ability to understand the feelings of others as if we are in their shoes.

Have we as cyber security professionals really thought that the target of a Malware attack is not us when we evaluate our cyber security posture?

It is almost never the business leader or the person reading these articles that cause a breach, and with a small amount of Empathy we would as cyber security professionals understand that cyber security is about everyone on the team.

You are not the weakest link in the att&ck chain! so think like the people that work around you and put yourself in their position.

Empathy, or stepping into a colleagues “shoes” and understanding why they “will” fall victim to a malware Att&ck is a great place to start your planning. People are the key to good cyber security practise and avoiding risks at work and at home.

Technology is the failsafe when something does go wrong.

Quote: “Malware was the biggest cyber threat experienced, affecting 88% of SMEs. This was followed by phishing (70%) and denial of service attacks (64%). The research found that 77% of Australian SMEs are more concerned about cyber threats now than they were 12 months ago.”

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