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Email archiving, E-discovery and poor business practise

Just been reading this blogpost about a disgruntled customer of Mimosa’s email archiving platform: , a very interesting read and it may be one sided but it does go to show how management of a situation could have led to a much better situation for Mimosa. When customer expectations are not being met, a company has a couple of options;

1. ‘The customer has signed an agreement to purchase our software, they are cancelling the project so we will keep their money’…. shortsighted and greedy
2. ‘Its the software that has caused this issue and over a protracted time period we can clearly see the solution doesn’t work so lets agree to a settlement that will work for both of us’ ….. This is the solution that should be taken by responsible software vendors.

It is fact that a software product will not always work correctly in a given situation, but as responsible businesses that hope to have other opportunities to work with the same or similar customers we shouldn’t burn our bridges.

Disclaimer: the author works for Quest Software, who has an email archiving platform.

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