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Data Protection as an afterthought

8 Terabytes lost….. 14 Terabytes of data recovered from a data migration gone wrong….. that was called a deletion of data not a migration when I worked as a Sys admin or a “Career limiting move”. 

Considering that the parts of a data migration plan I would outline involve:

1. Assess what data needs to be migrated (22 TB)
2. Ensure that successful backup occurs of data (22 TB)
3. Check backup and ensure that it is not the only backup I have of the data
4. Migrate the data
5. Run a differential report on the data from source to target
6. End users confirm access to their data after migration (just for the feels as no one can check everything)
7. Retain the source data disks for as long as possible to minimise downtime if data is missing.

2,3 or 4 copies of the data are involved here to ensure nothing can be lost.

When it is the Police and is relating to criminal cases before the court then it is absolutely unacceptable, Criminals run free when evidence (video, audio, photos, documents/text) are no longer available. 

How do you recover from this? I would love to know in the comments? I have had failed migrations before and had to perform data restorations due to errant scripts etc (which I admit I should have checked more thoroughly!)

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