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Critical thinking and Safe worlds TV – Alan Metcalfe

Thanks all for all your comments both positive and negative. I have done what I set out to do, which was to create a discussion in regards to what I believe is a platform at least 6 years too late and with many design and build issues that don’t make sense in today’s world e.g. For a start No indexing from commercial search engines, how does a small business using Safeworlds TV get discovered without search? Safeworlds own search is worse than bad, select: category, sub category, then select the industry??? …. Then wait 10-15 seconds for results?

As an example of search and it’s use, Google search has indexed my blog with keywords including Safeworlds TV, Alan Metcalfe meaning that investors will now have an opinion from another source when they consult Google. As you are all fully aware in this connected age, indexing is critical as I have proved (do a Google search for Safeworlds TV) and I was one commenter?
I could easily have required comments to be moderated but I did not, I am happy for my own character to be called into question as I am hoping to save the next family from investing their life’s savings in a platform that does not exist as described by Alan Metcalfe, I will be doing this by having these blog posts available for all to see and more so your comments both positive and negative give a new investor assistance to forming their own opinion.
I have given Alan the opportunity to have all of this removed, all it requires is Alan to prove the platform, not discuss AI or semantic search. I’d go further and actually buy into a platform that I believe will be the next big thing. I am not going to fund my own flight to the Gold Coast though to do this, I have recommended an alternative which Alan is yet to agree to.
Finally there will be only be one more post as full disclosure of my communications with Alan and my offer continues to stand, prove the platform and commercial viability and the posts come down.

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