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Configuring ‘Fusion IO’ without a specialised ‘Hybrid Hard Drive’

My main PC hard drive recently failed leaving me data less and with no PC to run Steam games from. Luckily most of my data was already replicated to a central NAS and other critical data shared between “Google Drive” and “Microsoft SkyDrive” so the loss was restricted to save games …. noooooooo …… Skyrim and many many hours of playtime all gone.

Anyway, I have purchased a 2 TB hard Drive to replace the failed drive and I happened to also have a 120 GB SSD which was a OEM replacement for another SSD that failed on me last year. 

Reading further about Fusion IO, I pondered whether I could actually use this SSD and the 2 TB hard disk together as a Hybrid drive and it seems as though I can. Intel provide a configuration with the recent 6 and 7 series chipsets for a RAID configuration that supports a Hybrid setup. I will update my experiences after I have installed Windows again.


It seems that the Motherboard I’m using doesn’t support the Hybrid drive 🙁

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