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Apple Tablet and PC sales exceed Dell/HP combined, largest PC company by volume?

Tablets contribute around 50% of all PC sales and why Apple now make up the biggest part of the current PC market having a significant lead over number two (Lenovo).

Combining Tablets with the traditional Desktop and Laptop makes sense, iPads were referred to as consumption devices for a long period after being released in 2007, the reality of tablet devices (iOS, Android, Windows etc) though is that they are mostly suitable for the purposes of a traditional PC with a decent AppStore ecosystem behind them.

Personally I don’t own an iPad, I do understand why though the device is coveted over others: Design, Consistency and Apps make the Apple device punch well above all other vendors.

Market positions like this don’t ‘just’ remain though and Apple have a lot of competition from devices that are good enough for the majority. 

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