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AI devices currently, nothing but “hot Air”

AI devices currently, nothing but “hot Air”, problems with what is possible with our voice, conflicts with the ideas of start up founders to make money.

Mr Who’s The Boss, a YouTube influencer and content creator summarised this with another AI device vying for our wallets here very succinctly.

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Rabbit AI, a necessary device or pointless?

If you plan to buy this device then you may want to think a little about what the actual benefit is vs your spending on a device that will simply collect dust.

What are some of the problems with an “AI” device like the Rabbit:

  1. You are going to be paying another subscription on top of what you currently pay for your subscriptions.
  2. You will need to still carry your phone with you to do the plethora of activities that an AI device is not practical for.
  3. The process of actually using your voice to interact with the rabbit will be either embarrassing, annoying to others around you, not private, too noisy to actually benefit from.
  4. The speed of interaction will be slow
  5. Any sort of ordering through this device will not make your process faster, just think how many ordering processes do not involve options and changes?
  6. Without sufficient visual information any usage of this device will be basically useless except for very simple actions.
  7. If you think that they won’t sell your information without being tied into a subscription then you’re mistaken.
  8. Effectively this is your smart phone replacement where you still need your smartphone.

Rabbit could have made an app for your smartphone instead of a wasteful piece of silicon and plastic, but apps don’t attract interest like hardware does.

Spending to buy gadgets that will give you no benefit is of course up to you, but think about the use cases where a Rabbit makes sense and then you may realise that the money in your bank account is better than in a startups pocket that is not going to revolutionise anything!

Agree? Disagree? I would like to know what you think?

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